Little Bird by Sharon Dempsey @svjdempz @Bloodhoundbook @sarahhardy681

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Book Description:

Some secrets are best kept quiet.

Declan Wells, a forensic psychologist, has a lot on his plate. He has been struggling with the aftermath of a car bomb, which has left him in a wheelchair, his wife has been dutiful but Declan is certain she is having an affair, and his eldest daughter Lara’s new property developer husband, has dubious business practices.

Meanwhile, Anna Cole is running away from her mother’s death and a stale relationship. On secondment to the Police Service of Northern Ireland from Wales, Anna hopes that she can throw herself into work to distract herself from her guilt.

Then the murders begin and the killer leaves behind some very strange messages.

My Review:

I haven’t had much luck with crime books recently, but I’m pleased to say that Little Bird has broken my rut!

The book starts off really strongly with a thrilling chase through the woods and doesn’t really let up until the end, making it quite difficult to put down.  The story is told from three different point of views, Anna the police detective and her investigation, Declan the father of one of the murdered girls and the murdered himself.  This makes the story very interesting as you get a much more rounded view of what has happened.

The part telling the murderers side of the story was very chilling.  I felt like I was getting into his mind, as I was able to know what he was thinking as he murdered.  The thing that struck me most about him was how normal he seemed which added to the uneasiness I felt about him.

Anna was a great main character.  She knows what she wants and sets out to get it regardless of what others think.  This can, at times, make her seem quite cold and uncaring though.  She wasn’t a stereotypical police woman always fighting for her rights and trying to pick up any discrimination in the force.  Instead she let her work do the talking, confident that people would realise she was doing a good job.

Trigger warning: There is a bit of animal cruelty and taxidermy in the book which might upset people as it is quite descriptive at times.

This is Sharon’s debut novel and I look forward to reading more from her.  Thank you to Sarah Hardy and Bloodhound Books for my copy and the chance to be on the blog tour.

About The Author:

Sharon Dempsey is a Belfast based writer of fiction and non-fiction books, with four health books published. She facilitates therapeutic creative writing classes for people affected by cancer and other health challenges and runs a creative writing group for young people, called Young Scribblers, at the Crescent Arts Centre.

Sharon studied Politics and English at Queen’s University and went on to City University, London to do a postgraduate diploma in journalism.  She has written for a variety of publications and newspapers, including the Irish Times.

Through the Arts Council NI’s Support for the Individual Artist Programme (SIAP), Sharon was awarded funding, which she used to acquire mentoring from, bestselling Irish crime writer, Louise Phillips. Louise was a great support while Sharon was writing Little Bird, her first crime novel.


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