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I’m so excited to be kicking off the blog tour for the brilliant The Future Can’t wait by fellow Malvern resident Angelena Boden.  The Future Can’t Wait is out today in paperback and ebook here. The ebook is currently the amazing price of 99p, an absolute bargain!

For anyone local reading this Angelena Boden will be discussing her book and signing copies at The Malvern Co-operative Bookshop in Malvern on the 22nd November!

Book Blurb:

The Future Can’t Wait is the emotive and compelling second novel from Angelena Boden, author of the gripping The Cruelty of Lambs.

Kendra Blackmore is trying to be a good mother and a good wife, as well as pursuing her pressurised teaching career. Then Kendra’s half-Iranian daughter Ariana (Rani) undergoes an identity crisis which results in her running away from home and cutting off all contact with her family.

Sick with worry and desperate to understand why her home-loving daughter would do this, Kendra becomes increasingly desperate for answers – and to find any way possible to discover the truth and bring her estranged daughter home…

The Future Can’t Wait is a gripping story of a mother’s love, and the lengths we would all go to in order to know our children are safe.

My Review:

The Future Can’t wait is a truely modern, thought provoking book that I think everyone should read!  I really enjoyed the journey it took me into preset day, multicultural Birmingham.  It is a very modern book,tackling a very relevant subject regarding the rise of terrorism and the recruitment of young men and women to their cause.  It’s a subject that I think many authors would shy away from but Angelena Boden manages to tackle it in a sensitive and indiscriminate way that really draws the reader in and helps to increase their understanding of the subject.  I liked that she never fell back on stereotypes and instead chose to keep the reader on their toes with characters that you wouldn’t expect to be caught up in something like that.

I felt very sorry for Kendra as I felt that she had a hard life with her daughter and her husband both being so difficult.  I’m dreading the kids  getting to the teenage/ early twenties years so some of the passages describing Ravi’s tantrums made my blood run cold as they seemed so realistic.  I’ve no idea what i would do in a similar situation either, so Kendra’s plight really touched me.  I often had to go hug my kids whilst reading this just for reassurance.  Kendra’s fear and frustration was tangible at times and I felt that I went an really emotional journey with her as she tried to find out what happened to her daughter.

There are little bits of psychology mentioned throughout the book, the main characters Kendra being a psychology teacher, which I found very fascinating.  It was great to be able to discover why people act the way they do and how, normal people, can be coerced into joining a terrorist movement.  Sometimes Kendra could seem a little smug when dispensing her psychology wisdom which did make me want to punch her at times as I have met other mums like that and i know how annoying it can be to be on the receiving end of it!

The author used to live in Birmingham and her love for the city certainly shows throughout the novel as she tries the opinions the reader may have of the city.  Instead of deprivation and grime that some may associate with the city, she tries to show the reader the beauty and the improvements that have been made to the city.  It certainly made me want to visit Birmingham again and visit some of the places she describes.

The ending of this book is amazing, it is so unexpected and really took me by surprise! I so wish that it continued on further then it did as I would love to have discovered what would happen next and furtively wish there had been an epilogue or that there is a sequel planned.

This is Angelena Boden’s second novel, the second book that I have read by her and I really look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Huge thank you to Matthew Smith from Urbane Publishers and Abby Fairbrother for inviting me onto this tour and giving me a copy of this book.

Author Information:

Angelena has spent over thirty years training, coaching and counselling in the field of interpersonal conflict and communication using Eric Berne’s model of Transactional Analysis. As a linguist, she has lived and worked overseas, traveled extensively and spent periods in Iran where she learned Farsi.

She is the author of three business books, published by Management Pocketbooks Ltd and is a freelance journalist.

A former resident and graduate of Birmingham, the setting for The Cruelty of Lambs, she is a passionate defender of a city she believes is misunderstood.

To find out more about Angelena, visit WWW.ANGELENABODEN.COM


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