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I’m on the blog tour for Letterbox by P A Davies and to have an extract to share with you.  Huge thanks to Caroline for letting me change my stop from a review to an extract when two ill children meant I wasn’t able to read the book in time.

Letterbox is available in ebook and paperback now, you can purchase a copy of bothhere.

Before I share my extract with you here is a little bit about the book.

Book Synopsis:

An outstanding debut novel from English Author, P.A.Davies, that has all the ingredients of a good read … Gripping, thought provoking and a tad controversial from the off, this is a real page turner!

At approximately 09.00hrs on the 15th June 1996, an unassuming white lorry was parked on Corporation Street in the city centre of Manchester, England; it contained over 3000 pounds of high explosive.
At 11.15hrs the same day, Manchester witnessed the detonation of the largest device on the British mainland since the second World War … The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for the attack.

Based around actual events, LETTERBOX tells the story of Liam Connor, an ordinary boy brought up in Manchester by a seemingly ordinary family. He goes to the local school, loves football and has a best friend called Sean … an ordinary life!
Unbeknown to Liam, his father, Michael Connor, harbors a dark historic secret, following a life a lot less ordinary … as a furtive, yet high ranking soldier within the IRA.

As a result of extraordinary circumstances, Liam’s innocent and carefree world is shattered when he is exposed to the truth about his family’s heritage and then learns about the tragic death of his father at the hands of the SAS.

Consumed with both hate and the need to seek retribution, Liam is taken to Ireland where he is intensively trained to become a highly skilled and efficient soldier within the Irish Republican Army … He is 16 years old!
Some years later, following the drug-induced death of his beloved sister, Liam is given the opportunity to exact his revenge on those he believed should truly be blamed for the tragedies in his life … The British Government!
Thus, on the 15th June 1996, it was Liam’s responsibility to drive the bomb laden lorry into the unsuspecting city of Manchester and let the voice of the IRA be clearly heard … And listened to!!


Letterbox – Chapter 1:

11.30hrs Saturday 15th June 1996

The first chilling images of devastation, beamed relentlessly across the airwaves onto millions of television screens throughout the nation. Radio broadcasts became dominated by the incredulous story that no one doubted, would change the face of history … not only in the United Kingdom, but throughout the entire world.

Many saw the terrorist attack on the City of Manchester, as nothing more than a cold and callous act of violence by a group of evil and cowardly thugs, whilst others, deemed it to be an unprecedented victory against a complacent and oppressive regime that hid behind the walls of Parliament under the guise of the British Government.

For one man, this was the day that had served to exorcise some personal demons yet paradoxically, had also rekindled a conscience that he believed to be long dead. For another, this was the day when the powerful voice of the Irish Republican Army had spoken … and been listened to.


The Commander sat behind his desk gently stroking his thick beard as he watched with interest, the unfolding stories coming through live from Manchester. There would be much celebration this evening he thought, but for now, he needed to remain focused and consider his next move. “Set up a meeting of the council for this afternoon,” he instructed, without taking his eyes off the television. A man stood by his side, nodded silently and began to leave the room. “And Marty,” he added sternly, before the man had reached the door. “Bring Joseph here as soon as he returns!”

Once the man had left the room, the Commander glanced down at the two phones on his desk and wondered which of the two would ring first. Would it be the one that brought a
tedious dialogue from the sycophantic lapdogs of the Prime Minister, decrying this outrageous act whilst issuing veiled threats on behalf of John Major and his countrymen?  Threats that they had neither the balls nor the power to carry out … ‘Small cogs in a big wheel!’ he pondered … Or would it be the anticipated call to his private and secure line? A call that would be the focal point of their meeting later that day and would undoubtedly result
in the extending of the proverbial olive branch. It was a call that would ensure a place for Sinn Fein at the negotiating table and take them one step closer to a free Ireland. But whichever one it was, it always amused this particular Leader, how the right hand of the British Government had no idea what the left hand was doing … or capable of.

He continued to watch the television, quietly musing how today had undoubtedly shown the free world the capabilities and commitment of his comrades, dedicated in the pursuit of their beliefs. It was also the day, he thought with some respect, that Liam Connor had finally become a man. When one of the phones began to ring, the Commander looked down at it and smiled.

About The Author:






P.A.Davies was born in Manchester, UK, a city he has lived in and around all his life. He loves Manchester and is proud to be part of the multi-cultural, modern city that houses two Premiership football teams and is the birthplace of many a famous band, such as Oasis, the Stone Roses, Take That and Simply Red.

For most of his life, he has dabbled with writing various pieces – from poems to short fictional stories – but this was always just for fun. However, following advice from a good friend he decided to have a go at writing a novel. Thus, his first novel ‘Letterbox’ was conceived, a fictional take on the infamous IRA bombing of Manchester in 1996. It took him over a year to complete but while doing so, he found it to be one of the most satisfying and interesting paths he had ever followed. It came as no surprise that the writing bug subsequently became firmly embedded within him.

P.A.Davies’ second book – George: A gentleman of the road – was published in May 2013 and is a true story about one of Manchester’s homeless. His third novel – The Good in Mister Philips – is an erotic novel (arguably set to rival Fifty Shades…!) and his fourth – Nobody Heard Me Cry (Dec. 2015) – is again a fact-based tale about Manchester’s darker side. The thriller ‘Absolution’ (Oct. 2017) is his fifth novel.

To label P.A.Davies’ writings would be difficult because his works range from thrillers to touching novels to true-to-life tales embedded in a captivating story, making P.A.Davies an imaginative and versatile storyteller.

P.A. Davies on Social Media:
Website: http://www.padavies.co.uk/
FB Author Page: bit.ly/padavies
Twitter: @padavies_

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