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Book Synopsis:

A beautiful and mysterious tale from the author of The Heirloom and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris.
Thornwood Village, 1910. Anna, a young farm girl, volunteers to help an intriguing American visitor, Harold Griffin-Krauss, translate ‘fairy stories’ from Irish to English.
But all is not as it seems and Anna soon finds herself at the heart of a mystery that threatens the future of her community and her very way of life…
Captivated by the land of myth, folklore and superstition, Sarah Harper finds herself walking in the footsteps of Harold and Anna one hundred years later, unearthing dark secrets that both enchant and unnerve.
The Story Collector treads the intriguing line between the everyday and the otherworldly, the seen and the unseen. With a taste for the magical in everyday life, Evie Gaughan’s latest novel is full of ordinary characters with extraordinary tales to tell.

The Story Collector is available in ebook and paperback now.  The ebook is currently only 99p and you can purchase a copy of both here.

My Review:

The Story Collector is a beautiful, magical and enthralling book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s one of those books that once I’d finished reading I immediately started recommending it to other people.

The story follows Anna in 1911 who starts work helping Harold an American, story collector who has come to Ireland to discover more about irish myths and folklore surrounding the fairies that live there.  She is a lovely girl who obviously has great respect for her family and love for her homeland which was lovely to read about.  She has a real sense of wanting to do the right thing, so when she discovers a mystery decides to try and solve it even though it might cause problems.  The other side of the story follows Sarah in 2010 who accidentally visits Ireland whilst running away from her failed marriage.  Once in Ireland she finds Anna’s old diary and set out to try and discover more about her and the fairy folk lore that surrounds the village.  I loved Sarah, she was a very real character who had a few real problems, which caused quite a few hilarious moments in the book.  I especially liked the descriptions of Sarah, a New York City girl, getting used to the Irish countryside.  Some of the descriptions of this made me laugh out loud and it really made warm to her as it’s something I think I would have done too!

The descriptions of the Irish countryside and the Irish people Anna and Sarah know were wonderful to read about.  I felt that I could picture the area, particularly the little cottage Sarah lived in.  Beautiful descriptions like saying the morning dew looked like fairy dust just sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine!

The mystery part of the book is very intriguing and it soon had me gripped with what had happened all those years ago.  The way Sarah finds the old diary is one of my fantasy’s as I’d love to discover an old diary that way.  The mystery unravels at a steady pace that never seems false and seems quite realistic, even when dealing with fairy folk lore and magic.

This is the first book by this author I have read and I will be be reading more from her in the future.  If you like beautifully magical, dual timeline for you’ll love this book.

Huge thanks to Evie Gaughan and Urbane Publishers for my copy of the book and for inviting me onto the blog tour.

About The Author:


Evie Gaughan is the bestselling author of The Heirloom and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris.

Living on the West Coast of Ireland, which is not renowned for its sunny climate, Evie escapes from the inclement weather into a converted attic to write stories and dream about underfloor heating. Growing up in a walled medieval city, she developed her love of storytelling and all things historical. Her books tread the intriguing line between the everyday and the otherworldly – but always with an Irish woman’s wit. With a taste for the magical in everyday life, her stories are full of ordinary characters with extraordinary tales to tell.

When not writing, she also works as an artist, creating stories on canvas. Evie is currently working on her third novel, The Story Collector, which will be published by Urbane in 2018.

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