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I’m so thrilled to be kicked off the blog tour for Dead Of Night by Michael Stanley.  I’m a huge fan of this author so you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review his new book.

Dead of Night is available now in ebook and paperback now, you can purchase a copy of both here.

Book Synopsis:

When freelance journalist, Crystal Nguyen, heads to South Africa, she thinks she’ll be researching an article on rhino-horn smuggling for National Geographic, while searching for her missing colleague. But within a week, she’s been hunting poachers, hunted by their bosses, and then arrested in connection with a murder. And everyone is after a briefcase full of money that may hold the key to everything…
Fleeing South Africa, she goes undercover in Vietnam, trying to discover the truth before she’s exposed by the local mafia. Discovering the plot behind the money is only half the battle. Now she must convince the South African authorities to take action before it’s too late. She has a shocking story to tell, if she survives long enough to tell it…
Fast-paced, relevant and chilling, Dead of Night is a stunning new thriller that exposes one of the most vicious conflicts on the African continent…

My Review:

Dead Of Night is another fantastic read from a fantastic author.

As always with this author’s books the descriptions of Africa are brilliant.  South Africa is a stunningly beautiful place and the author’s vivid descriptions of the natural beauty made it very easy to imagine.  I felt like I was there walking along with the characters experiencing everything first hand.

I loved the main character Crystal she’s an incredibly strong minded, able women who doesn’t let much stand in her way.  Her courage in going to South Africa to look for Michael and the way she conducts herself during the investigation was very impressive.  She seemed to be a very warm hearted, friendly women which made her very easy to like.

The information about smuggling I found fascinating as it was a subject I knew little about.  Niavely I didn’t think it was that common anymore but this book helped me realise what a big problem it still is.  The huge risks that the smugglers take to get their goods our of the country was quite shocking to read about, as were the variety of things that they tried to sell.  It’s amazing to think people still want that kind of thing.

This was a fast, easy read for me that I found very hard to put download.  The writing just flows and the story progresses in such a way that I felt fully immersed in the book and intrigued as to how it would all work out.  The chapters are quite short which makes it easy to pick up in spare moments to read one more chapter.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Orenda Publishers for my copy of this book.  If you like beautifully described, fast paced thrillers with a great female protagonist then you’ll love this book.  I definitely can’t wait to read more from this author.

About The Author:


Michael Stanley is the writing team of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip. Both were born in South Africa and have worked in academia and business. Their Detective Kubu series has been critically claimed and an international bestseller, picking up multiple awards since first publication. Dead of Night marks a new departure for the duo.




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