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Book Synopsis:

Thea and Isaac first met at University. Theirs was an instant connection but it never went further than friendship.

Because, then and now, Thea only has eyes for her work. Not just her course, but also a private project – Thea is determined to prove that time travel is not just the stuff of science fiction. And she has never told anyone the reason why.

When one of their friends goes missing in an experiment, Isaac and Thea must work together to find her – forcing them to re-examine their own friendship.

Is it really as platonic as they used to think?

The Light Between Us is a story of unrequited love and second chances. It begs the dangerous question that we all ask ourselves – what could have been?

The Light Between Us is available on this 9th August in ebook and hardback.  You can pre-order your copy here

My Review:

Katie Khan has done it again with a fascinating book about great friends, romance and time travel all rolled together to create a fabulous story.

My favourite thing about the story was the wonderful descriptions of Thea and her friends.  I loved how they were all very intelligent ladies but we’re able to have such fun with one another.  The way they trick their way into the labs was utterly hillarious and made me laugh out loud.  I found myself wishing I was a part of their group as they seemed so happy together while also being very loyal and supportive.

The idea of time travel is one that has always intrigued me as I’ve often wondered where I would like to travel to if I had the chance.  The author cleverly includes some of the scientific theory behind time travel in such a way that the reader understands the story but not so the reader becomes confused.  I enjoyed reading about Thea’s work and really hope it is possible some day.

The relationship between Thea and Issac was beautiful to read about.  It was lovely to watch their relationship develop from friends to lovers . I really wanted to keep reading as I do hoped there would be a happy ending for them.

The book goes a long at a good pace that lets the story unfolds naturally at a pace that never seems forced.  I really got to know and care about the characters, so wanted to keep reading to find out how everything ended for them.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this fantastic book.  If you like unusual love stories pick this book up!

About The Author:


Katie Khan has spent 10 years working in online editorial in the film industry,
including 4 years as Head of Digital at Paramount Pictures. She joined Warner Bros.

in 2017 to work on a major film production. Her first book, Hold Back the Stars, is being adapted into a film by the producers of Stranger Things.
She is a graduate of the acclaimed Faber Academy writing course.

Katie lives in London with her boyfriend and rescue cat Artie.


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