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Book Synopsis:

The year is 2039.
The setting is the British Isles – but not the British Isles as we know them today.
The brutal economic impact of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, together with the ever-accelerating effects of global warming have led to a very different environment indeed, in almost every way. Politics, geography and technology are all in flux.
But some things remain the same – greed, murder, conspiracy and corruption among them. When Stephanie Flack, licensed private eye in the Royal Province of Anglia, is asked to track down some missing diamonds, she soon finds the trail leading her into some very unexpected and highly dangerous places, with dead bodies appearing with alarming regularity. Including, very nearly, her own.
R.M. Cartmel’s skilful characterisation, sharp observation and quiet irony provide a glimpse into a future which we can almost recognise. A brilliant, gentle, wry dystopian murder mystery.

North Sea Rising is available to buy in paperback and ebook now, you can purchase a copy of both here.

My Review:

North Sea Rising is a fascinating look at a post Brexit world that is sure to get people thinking.

The world that the author has created is a truly fascinating one that sent a shiver down my spine reading about it.  The thing that most strikes you about it is how real the world seems especially as it’s set in the not too distance future.  I sincerely hope that this isn’t what happens post Brexit as it’s not a world I wish to inhabit!

I loved the main character Stephanie.  She was a really strong, confident woman who wasn’t worried about getting into danger or conflict.  I enjoyed reading about her investigation and how she handled it as she seemed very intelligent, coming to logical solutions.

The mystery part of the story unfolds fairy gently but there is plenty of stuff to keep the reader interested.  I became quickly immersed into the world the author has created and I wanted to keep reading to find out more about it as well as discovering how Stephanie’s investigation fared.

The ending was really good and helped bring everything together nicely.  This is actually the second book in the series which I didn’t realise at first so it works well as a standalone novel as anything you need to know is explained.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater and Crime Scene Books for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of the book.  If you like realistic, dystopia novels that make you think then you’ll love this book.


About The Author:

Following a highly successful career as a GP, RM Cartmel returned to his first love and took up writing again.
Well-known for his wine and crime series set in France, The Inspector Truchaud Mysteries, he also has a second, rather more offbeat series of North Sea Noir, which can be read as stand alone but connected novels, set in Peterborough. North Sea Rising is the second of these.

The Inspector Truchaud Mysteries:
The Charlemagne Connection
The Richebourg Affair
The Romanee Vintage
The German Crossing ( coming 2019)

The North Sea Noir Novels:
50 Miles from Anywhere
North sea Rising (available for pre-order)

For further information, to request an interview or for high resolution pictures etc , please email: candy.denman@crime-scene-books.co.uk


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