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Good morning everyone I’m on the blog tour for Macbeth by Jo Nesbo today and am excited to have a paperback copy to give away.

Macbeth is available in all formats now, you can purchase your copy here.

Before I share my review with you and tell you how you can enter the guvegive, here is a little bit about the book.

Book Synopsis:

He’s the best cop they’ve got. 

When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it’s up to Inspector Macbeth and his team to clean up the mess.

He’s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past. 

He’s rewarded for his success. Power. Money. Respect. They’re all within reach. 

But a man like him won’t get to the top.

Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, Macbeth starts to unravel. He’s convinced he won’t get what is rightfully his.

Unless he kills for it.

My Review:

Macbeth is a very interesting, atmospheric and dark thriller which I really enjoyed.  It is meant to be a modern version of the Shakespeare classic but I haven’t actually read Macbeth so I’m unable to comment on whether it manages this or not.  As a thriller it was a very addictive, fast read which I thought was really well written.

The setting of the book is quite a bleak one, of a town that’s fallen on hard times and is now run by criminals.  This makes the book seem quite dark and gives the reader a sense that anything could happen at any time as the characters are quite desperate.  There is quite a lot of violence throughout the book which might not be to everyone’s taste.

The police team were great to read about and I enjoyed their exploits together . They seemed a close, competent team that had a lot of respect for each other which is unusual in a crime story where there is normally quite a lot of rivalry.  The swat team seem to be treated a bit like superheroes, always available to swoop in and save the day.  While this might not be very realistic it did make for a great story and I often found myself cheering when they turned up.  The bad guy, Sweeno, was someone I loved to hate.  He seemed such a cool guy with his plaits and motorcycle but was also very deviously clever and able to constantly outrun the police.  This kept me on my toes as just when I thought the police had won he pulled something and got away.

The action is very fast paced and something always seems to be happening that keeps the reader interested and the book hard to put down.  I developed a soft spot for Macbeth quite early in which meant I also wanted to keep reading to find out what happens to him.

My only slight gripe about this book is it did take me a little while to get into it.  The first chapter is very descriptive while the author sets the scene, while this was necessary it did make for quite hard reading.  If you find this do keep reading as it does pick up.

Huge thanks to Mia from Vintage books for my copy of this book and for inviting me onto the blog tour.  If you like fast paced, addictive crime thrillers you’ll love this book.


I’m excited to have a copy of Macbeth to giveaway today.  To enter the giveaway simply retweet the pinned tweet on my twitter page and tag some bookish friends you think would also like to enter.

On Facebook, simply like and comment on the giveaway post on my page which can be found here.

I’ll keep the draw open for the duration of the blog tour and then get my lovely kids to pick a winner.  Good luck everyone!

About The Author:


Jo Nesbo is one of the world’s bestselling crime writers, with The Leopard, Phantom, Police, The Son and his latest Harry Hole novel, The Thirst, all topping the Sunday Times bestseller charts. He’s an international number one bestseller and his books are published in 50 languages, selling over 33 million copies around the world.

Before becoming a crime writer, Nesbo played football for Norway’s premier league team Molde, but his dream of playing professionally for Spurs was dashed when he tore ligaments in his knee at the age of eighteen. After three years military service he attended business school and formed the band Di derre (‘Them There’). They topped the charts in Norway, but Nesbo continued working as a financial analyst, crunching numbers during the day and gigging at night. When commissioned by a publisher to write a memoir about life on the road with his band, he instead came up with the plot for his first Harry Hole crime novel, The Bat.

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One thought on “#BlogTour #Review #Giveaway: Macbeth by Jo Nesbo @HarvillSecker @DeadGoodBooks @mia_qs #JoNesboMacbeth

  1. I’m reading this at the moment and reassured by your comment that you found it slow to begin with but it picks up because that’s my feeling too (I’m at 20% through). Now the character who represents Lady Macbeth has turned up I’m feeling hopeful it’s going to grab my interest more!


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