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Book Synopsis:

In the darkest days of the Blitz, Christmas is more important than ever.

With Christmas approaching, the Brogan family of London’s East End are braving the horrors of the Blitz. With the men away fighting for King and Country and the ever-present dangers of the German Luftwaffe’s nightly reign of death and destruction, the family must do all they can to keep a stiff upper lip.

For Jo, the youngest of the Brogan sisters, the perils of war also offer a new-found freedom. Jo falls in love with Tommy, a man known for his dangerous reputation as much as his charm. But as the falling bombs devastate their neighbourhood and rationing begins to bite, will the Brogans manage to pull together a traditional family Christmas? And will Jo find the love and security she seeks in a time of such grave peril?

A Ration Book Christmas is available in ebook and paperback now.  The ebook is currently only £1.99 but you can purchase a copy of both here.

My Review:

I love a war time saga, especially now the nights are drawing in they are perfect for snuggling up to read.

I was immediately transported to the east end in war time and felt that I was there with them experiencing everything alongside the characters.  The fantastic historical details really made the era come to life and I feel I could imagine the scenes very well in my mind.  The wonderful descriptions of the community spirit of the East End was lovely to read about and I found myself wishing I lived in that era so I could be involved.

I loved Jo and thought she was a fantastic main character.  She’s definitely a strong, determined woman whose more than capable of standing up for herself and her brother which made me really warm to her.  Her work with the ambulance service was very interesting to read about and made me realise how brave the people were who volunteered to help on them.  I also loved Jo’s grannie, Queenie as I thought her ideas about what she’d do to the enemy if they invaded was hilarious and had had me laughing aloud.

This is a great book to relax and lose yourself in.  There is always something happening in the book which makes it a very easy read as you want to continue reading to find out what’s going to happen next.

This is the first book by this author I have read and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Huge thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.  If you like family sagas set in WW2 with some fabulous, unforgettable characters then you’ll love this book.

About The Author:


I was born into a large, East End family and grew up in the overcrowded streets clustered around the Tower of London. The Fullerton family have lived by London docks since the 1830s and all my books are set in and around this area.

East London has changed greatly and many of the old neighbourhoods I knew as a child have changed too, but I endeavour to bring them alive again in my East London stories of love, family and hard times. I feel that it is my background that gives my stories their distinctive authenticity.

I has been shortlisted for and won several awards and regularly undertake writing workshop. I’m fortunate enough to be a guest cruise lecturer and have sailed all around the world talking about East London’s vibrant history. I am married to a minister in the Church of England and have three grown-up daughters.



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