#BlogTour: Mr Doubler Begins Again by Seni Glaister @SeniGlaister @HQstories @izsmith95 #MrDoublerBeginsAgain

Book Synopsis:

Baked, mashed, boiled or fried, Mr Doubler knows his potatoes. But the same can’t be said for people. Since he lost his wife, he’s been on his own at Mirth Farm – and that suits Doubler just fine. Crowds are for other people; the only company he needs are his potato plants and his housekeeper, Mrs Millwood, who visits every day.

So when Mrs Millwood is taken ill, it ruins everything – and Mr Doubler begins to worry that he might have lost his way. But could the kindness of strangers be enough to bring him down from the hill?

Mr Doubler Begins Again is a nostalgic celebration of food, friendship, kindness, and second chances, perfect for fans of Rachel Joyce and Joanna Cannon.

Mr Doubler Begins Again is available now in ebook and hardback. You can purchase your copy of both using the link below.

My Review:

Mr Doubler Begins Again is a heartwarming, quirky read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr Doubler is a character that I initially found quite annoying as I felt he was quite set in his ways and quite condescending whilst talking to people. However as the novel progressed I started to learn more about him, I warmed to him and found his little quirks quite endearing. He’s obviously quite a lonely character which might explain many of his flaws and these become slightly ironed out as he decides to get out to make more friends. His attempts to do this and the friendships he makes were very heartwarming to read about and I found myself really enjoying watching him come out of his shell a little bit.

As the reader finds out within the first few pages, potatoes feature quite heavily in the book with the many different types of potatoes and uses for them being described in detail. While this might sound a little bit weird or boring it is actually far from it and I found it quite fascinating to lead more about potato farming. Mr Doubler, and the author, clearly know their stuff and it’s one of the quirks that makes Mr Doubler quite such a unique character.

The reader goes on a wonderful journey with Mr Doubler as we follow him from a lonely, potato obsessed man to his attempts to get out to socialise and the new friends he makes. It was lovely to go on this journey with him and I found myself quite sad to leave him when the book finishes. I hope that this isn’t the last we see of him as he’s a brilliantly character!

This is the first novel I have read by this author and I’ll look forward to reading more from her in the future. It has been compared to The Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry which I think is accurate as the style of the book was similar, and Mr Doubler is a character that the reader can really get behind like Harold Fry.

Huge thanks to Izzy Smith for inviting me onto the blog tour and to HQ stories for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Seni Glaister worked as a bookseller for much of her career and was the CEO of a book retailer, before founding her own company WeFiFo in 2016.Her first novel The Museum of Things Left Behind was published in 2015.Mr Doubler Begins Again is her second novel.Seni lives on a working farm in West Sussex with her partner and has five children.Twitter @SeniGlaister


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