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Book Synopsis:

When you can’t remember your crime…

Charlotte wants a fresh start. She wants to forget her past, forget her childhood crime – and, most of all, forget that one terrible moment.

It’s the reason she’s been given a new name, a new life. The reason she spent years in prison.

But even on the outside, with an ankle monitor and court-mandated therapy, she can’t escape the devastating memory of the night that turned her and her only friend into national hate figures.

But now her friend has found her.

And despite the lies she tells to survive, she soon finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into a past she cannot confront.

Even if it’s going to cost Charlotte her life…

One More Lie is available in ebook and hardback now. The ebook is currently only 99p. You can see a copy of both using the link below.

My Review:

One more Lie is an intelligent and absorbingly thriller. The story is similar to a really well know story that most people will have heard of and I found it fascinating to get behind the story to learn more about the person who would commit such a crime.

The story is told from Charlotte’s point of view which alternates between the past, when she committed an awful crime and the present after her release. This is very cleverly done as it lets the reader learn more about Charlotte though my opinions on whether I hated her or felt sympathy for her changed continuously. As the story unfolds I started to feel that everything might not be as it seems and there might be more to the story then it first appears.

The tension in this book is slowly increased as the layers of the story are peeled back and more information comes to light. There are lots of revelations and twists that keep the reader on their toes, making the book hard to put down. I had to keep reading as I desperately wanted to get to the bottom of what happened. This builds and builds until we get to the shocking ending which took me completely by surprise. I found myself flipping back through the book to re-read certain bits now I knew the ending.

Huge thanks to Rachel Kennedy from Penguin Random House for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book which I received in exchange for an honest review.

About The Author:

I am the author of two novels: the first is The Innocent Wife, which became a top 10 bestseller and a Richard and Judy Book Club pick in 2018. The second is my new novel One More Lie, which will be available in hardback from April 4th.

Both my books are inspired by true crime. By crimes themselves but also, and perhaps more importantly, by our reactions to crime. In The Innocent Wife I wanted to explore our interest in true crime itself, such as our obsession with podcasts like Serial and blockbuster Netflix series like Making a Murderer.

My second novel, One More Lie, is about a woman named Charlotte who has just been released from a secure institution for a crime she committed when she was a child. These cases seem to fascinate and horrify society in a way no other crime does. What is it about the idea of a child being capable of something so awful that stirs up such levels of emotion? And can a child really understand the gravity of such an act as murder?

Writing this book was an attempt to understand how something like this could happen and what it might be like to live with the burden of being infamous, branded as evil and not knowing whether you are a bad person or simply a person who did a bad thing.

It isn’t based on a particular example of a true crime and all the characters and situations are entirely fictional but people will naturally draw comparisons with some of the infamous cases involving children who hurt or killed other children because these stories remain so vivid in our memories. Instead, I wanted to evoke the atmosphere those crimes created and the stain they left on our collective consciousness.

While writing the book, I tried hard to empathise with my characters who have done things which aren’t easy to empathise with. I hoped that readers would be able to do the same and so I wrote them as vividly as I could imagine, in all their good and their bad. I wanted them to be human, believable and flawed.

I hope that One More Lie will offer a different perspective on a subject which has been much-explored and that people will enjoy it the way they enjoyed The Innocent Wife.

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