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Book Synopsis:

It is 1976 and Mikey, eight-years-old and street-wise beyond his years, is looking forward to a summer of freedom, roaming the creeks and the mud-flats of Canvey Island. But violent emotions are rumbling beneath the surface, about to destroy all that he thought he knew. 

When Mikey’s neighbours, the Freemans, win a great deal of money, the old couple become the targets of a criminal act that leaves Peggy Freeman dead and her husband, Bert thirsting for revenge. Believing that young Mikey’s family is responsible, Bert devises a highly unusual but devastatingly effective form of reprisal. But where does the guilt really lie, and will there be punishment or redemption? 

Told from Mikey’s viewpoint with light touches of humour, A Patient Man is a gripping crime novel peopled with believable characters who are drawn inexorably in to a story that explores the effects of greed, money and the human need for retribution.

A Patient Man is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

A Patient Man is an absolutely wonderful, compelling read that had me completely captivated. It’s primarily a crime read but manages to have elements of a psychological thriller and a coming of age story.

Firstly the main character, Mikey is such an amazing character that is easy to fall in love with. He’s such a little dude and his experiences of exploring the mudflats near his home reminded me of my childhood where I spent most of my time exploring the woods near our home. All the characters are really well drawn and seem realistic. I felt like I knew them personally and that I was actually there watching everything unfold at times.

The author does a great job in evoking the 70s with some beautifully vivid descriptions that really made if come to life in my mind. She also perfectly captures what life in a small town is like with reputations being difficult to get rid of. I so enjoyed reading about Mikey’s childhood and found that I really didn’t want the book to end.

The plot is well developed and there were plenty of surprises that kept me intrigued. There is a great mix of amusing descriptions and thought provoking scenes that combines to make for a truly brilliant read. This is definitely a book that will stay with me for a very long time!

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for my copy of this book and to Matador for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

S. Lynn Scott is the author of Elizabeth, William… and Me, described by reviewers as `hugely entertaining’ (Books Monthly). A Patient Man is her second novel and she is now working on her third, a modern-day fantasy. She has been involved in theatre all her life and lives in Leicestershire.

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