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Book Synopsis:

Open your heart to the most life-affirming and uplifting novel of the year…

Thelma and Louis, it’s always just been the two of them, Thelma and her beloved son, Louis.

But when Louis is involved in an accident, their lives are turned upside down, as Louis falls into a coma. Feeling lost without him by her side, Thelma finds Louis’ book of wonders – a bucket list of all the things he wants to accomplish in his life. She suddenly sees a way to feel close to him: she will fulfil Louis’ dreams, living them out for him, in the hope that it will inspire him to survive.

Thelma is about to set off on the adventure of a lifetime… and in a way, so is Louis…

The Book of Wonders is a heart-warming and charming story about finding the joy in every moment of life and making each and every day count. Perfect for fans of The Keeper of Lost Things and A Man Called Ove.

The Book Of Wonders is published in ebook and paperback on the 30th May 2019. You can pre-order a copy of both using the link below.

My Review:

The Book Of Wonders is a delightful, fun and heart warming read that was perfect for curling up with on the bank holiday. It’s flowing style and funny action made it an easy read which I finished over two days, no mean feat with three kids.

The book follows Thelma as she tries to cope with her son being in a coma and the guilt she feels for not being there more from him. After finding his Book Of Wonders she decides to start living and experience new things by following her son’s wish list. This leads to some heart warming and utterly hilarious situations that made me laugh out loud at times. I loved the descriptions of the places that they visited, especially Tokyo and Budapest. I’d love to go visit them myself at some point and maybe experience some of the things they did as if all sounded wonderful!

Thelma was an interesting character who took me a little while to warm to as I didn’t like her much at the beginning of the book. However her open and honest narrative of everything she’s going through and the way she beats herself up over what had happened made me sympathise with her. It was great to follow her on her adventures and watch her develop into the wonderful lady she becomes.

The narrative was quite fast paced and there was always something happening to keep me absorbed in the story. Some of the situations Thelma finds herself in are perhaps a little unrealistic but for me that was part of the fun of this book and added to my enjoyment of the story. The ending was wonderful and I found myself tearing up at how far everyone has come. I’m trying not to give too much a way but I hope that there are places like where they end up as I think they are really needed.

Huge thanks to Milly Reid for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Quercus for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Julien Sandrel was born in 1980 in the south of France, is married and has two children. The Book of Wonders is his first novel, and was first published in France by Calmann-Lévy in March 2018. Rights to the novel have sold in twenty-three territories.

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