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Good evening everyone I’m pleased to finally share my blog tour review for Tabby’s Big Year today. Huge apologies to Rachel for missing this tour too due to poorly kids.

Tabby’s Big Year is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase a copy of both using the link below.

Before I share my review here is a little bit about the book.

Book Synopsis:

If you like ‘coming of age’ or horse stories, you should like this book!

After Tabby’s father vanishes, a deep rift develops in Tabby’s family. Tabby’s mother is focused on being a star performer in her pharmaceutical sales career, while Ava, Tabby’s older sister, is living with grandparents in Cornwall. Tabby feels neglected by her mother and jealous of Ava and although outwardly diligent and responsible, she’s like a kettle about to blow its top… bottling things up until it’s nearly impossible to keep a lid on her frustration and sadness.

Tabby finds solace with her best friends Cate and Violet at Sweetbriars Farm where she is nursing her dream horse Bliss back to peak performance, to be able to participate in the try-outs for the British Young Riders Squad. Tabby also finds herself facing other challenges – saving her beloved horse Nancy from the knacker’s yard and finding the courage to tell her friends the truth about her family.

Will Tabby be able to save the horses she loves and be brave enough to tell people how she really feels?

My Review:

I used to love horsey books when I was little so I jumped at the chance to read and review this book. I was definitely not disappointed as this book was every bit as brilliant as the books I remember loving.

Tabby is a fantastic main character who is a great role model for young children. She has a great work ethic and is a very responsible person in most situations. She does make mistakes but works to make amends for them which is a great lesson for kids to learn. I found I warmed to her instantly and enjoyed learning more about her throughout the book.

There is lots of action to keep the reader absorbed in the story. Tabby definitely has a lot to deal with and the reader follows her as she tries to work through them. I loved the horsey setting which I thought was vividly described so I could almost smell and hear the horses.

I enjoyed stepping back into this world and I will definitely be recommending this book to friends with middle grade aged children. This is the second book in the series but I think it can easily be read as a standalone like I have done as everything you need to know is explained.

Huge thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random resources for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Hollie Anne Marsh is an Australian author who lives in Barcelona, Spain with her partner, baby boy, and horse Frieda. 
Hollie has been horse riding since she was a little girl, enjoying activities such as Pony Club, showjumping, eventing, and trail-riding in the great Australian bush. Hollie lived in England for almost ten years where she had two horses and trained them for dressage. 
The Sweetbriars series is inspired by all the special moments Hollie spent with horses – good, funny, and challenging moments! 
Additionally the ‘coming of age’ and ‘growing up’ experiences that Hollie had. 
Hollie hopes that readers will be able to identify with the characters, find the books fun to read, and they will help readers learn more about horses.

To learn more about the Sweetbriars series check out http://www.sweetbriarsfarm.com or the Sweetbriars Farm Book Series pages on Facebook and Instagram.​

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