#BookReview: The Corpse Played Dead by Georgina Clarke @clarkegeorgina1 @canelo_co #TheCorpsePlayedDead #LizzieHardwick

Book Synopsis:

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…’

When an undercover assignment for the Bow Street magistrate sees prostitute Lizzie Hardwicke trade Ma Farley’s Bawdy House in Soho for life as a theatre seamstress on Drury Lane, it becomes clear quite quickly – what goes on in the wings is much more intriguing than the theatrics being played out on stage…

Soon Lizzie is once again thrown together with the handsome Inspector Will Davenport when a high profile investor is brutally hanged at centre stage and Lizzie discovers the body. With the suspect list rivalling any casting call, Lizzie will have to use every trick she’s hidden up her sleeves to unravel the tangled threads and bring the culprit into the spotlight.

The Corpse Played Dead is available in ebook now, you can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

I was a huge fan of this author’s first book so I was incredibly excited for the next book in the series and to read more about the fabulous Lizzie! Once again the author has written a fantastic, absorbing read that was hard to put down.

The author has clearly done a lot of research for this book and I felt fully transported to the Victorian era. I found it fascinating to learn more about the different classes and professions of the time, especially the actors in the theatre as I didn’t know much about that. It was very interesting to learn more about how the theatre worked, the plays that they put on and how it made money .

Lizzie was once again a fantastic main character who I loved following on her investigation throughout the book. She’s obviously a very clever lady and it was fun to see how her mind worked, particularly when she was trying to get the truth out if people. I felt that due to her undercover position in the theatre she wasn’t able to be as sassy or confident as she was in book one, which was a shame, but it made the moments when she accidentally did it more enjoyable.

The story, like Lizzie’s investigation, does start off a bit slow but soon becomes very intriguing as we learn more about the murky events at the theatre. The growing relationship between Lizzie and Davenport was great to read about and I loved the interaction between them. I found myself hoping that the two of them would get together, though I’m not sure if that could happen because of the era it’s set it. I can’t wait to read more in this series, though hope the next one is set back at Ma Farley’s!

Huge thanks to Canelo for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Georgina Clarke has always been passionate about stories and history. The Lizzie Hardwicke novels give her the opportunity to bring to life her love of the eighteenth century and her determination that a strong, intelligent and unconventional woman should get to solve the crimes – rather than be cast in the role of the side-kick.

Georgina was born in Wolverhampton, has degrees from Oxford, Cambridge and London, but now lives in Worcester with her husband and son and two lively cats.

Her first novel, Death and the Harlot, is published by Canelo. Her second is due to be published in August 2019. She is currently cooking up plots for the next novels in the series.

She is represented by Laura Macdougall, at United Agents.

If you would like to visit her website, you can find her at:


She is also to be found tweeting (probably far too often than is good for her) at:


She is a chatterbox, and always happy to find new readers to chat with.

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