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Book Synopsis:

Woman. Wife. Smuggler. Spy . . .

A thrilling and heart-wrenching novel inspired by the astonishing real life story of Nancy Wake. Perfect for fans of Suzanne Goldring’s MY NAME IS EVA, Kate Quinn’s THE ALICE NETWORK and Imogen Kealey’s LIBERATION, soon to be a blockbuster movie.

In 1936, foreign correspondent, Nancy Wake, witnesses first-hand the terror of Hitler’s rise in Europe. No sooner has Nancy met, fallen in love with and agreed to marry French industrialist Henri Fiocca, than the Germans invade France and force her to take on her first code name of many. The Gestapo call her the White Mouse for her remarkable ability to evade capture when smuggling Allied soldiers across borders. She becomes Hélène when she leaves France to train in espionage with an elite special forces group in London. Then, when she returns to France, she is the deadly Madame Andrée. But the closer France gets to liberation, the more exposed Nancy – and the people she loves – will become.

Inspired by true wartime events, Code Name Hélène is a gripping and moving story of extraordinary courage, unfaltering resolve, remarkable sacrifice – and enduring love.

Code Name Helene is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

This was a powerful and thrilling piece of historical fiction which was an absolutely fantastic read. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction especially if it’s based on a real story so this book really appealed to me.

Firstly Nancy – what a woman! The things she did were so courageous that it completely blew my mind Independent, fierce and incredibly strong she was a lady who I wish knew personally as I would have loved to hear all her stories. The fact that she does all the amazing, brave things but still keeps some of her feminity by always applying red lipstick made her seem even cooler in my eyes too.

As you can probably expect from a spy story, I found this book to be very fast paced and there was always something going on to keep me very intrigued. I really enjoyed following Nancy on her exploits and learning a little more about what it was like to be a spy. The author manages to perfectly convey the feeling of uncertainty and the tension that goes with being a spy so that I often felt I was living everything alongside Nancy as the atmosphere was so well described. There are a few rather graphic and a little disturbing scenes in the book which I found hard to read but are in keeping with what happened during the war but these didn’t detract from my enjoyment at all. I absolutely loved this book and will be recommending it to everyone. My understanding is that it’s soon to be made into a film which I am very excited about.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Headline for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Ariel Lawhon, author of I Was Anastasia (2018), Flight of Dreams (2016) and The Wife, The Maid And The Mistress (2014), is a critically acclaimed writer of historical fiction. She lives with her family in the rolling hills outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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