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Book Synopsis:

Lesson of Love is a moving and candid story of a relationship between a mother and daughter in the face of life-changing illness.

Prue Phillipson’s first-person account is interspersed with diary excerpts and documents the difficult yet rewarding experience of caring for a mother with dementia. This unflinchingly honest story details the various stages of the illness and how Prue coped whilst her mother changed, becoming ever more distant.

Prue found that her own faith was strengthened as a result of turning to God through the immensely powerful and comforting use of prayer. 

This is an inspiring story that will encourage all readers to have faith in testing times.

Lessons Of Love is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

Lessons Of Love is a beautiful, poignant memoir of the author’s time caring for her mother. It’s an important book which I think everyone should read as it helps lay bare the reality of dementia and what caring for someone who suffers from it entails.

Told in the first person, the reader follows the author through her everyday experiences so that the reader feels very connected to the story. I liked how she shows the reader who her mother actually was too instead of just focusing on her illness by including photos and diary entries from the time into the narrative. This helped me understand more about how the author was feeling and everything that she had lost through her mother’s illness.

I’ll be completely honest but Dementia is a disease that has always terrified me. The idea of losing all my memories and not being able to recognise people is a truly scary thought. This book helped me understand more about it and in some ways this has been helpful in stopping my own fears . The author doesn’t sugar coat her experiences so the reader gets a real idea of what the reality of caring for someone would entail and as such it would be a great book for anyone faced with having to care for someone.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Silver wood for my copy of this book.

Q&A with Prue Phillipson

Q: What was the hardest this about writing ‘Lesson of Love’ and how did you overcome it?

The hardest thing was the pain of remembering incidents which I knew I could have dealt with better. The whole experience was raw at first so I delayed writing the book until 10 years after my mother’s death. Having the diary helped because I could quote sections of it directly.

Q: Would you describe the writing process for ‘Lesson of Love’ as cathartic, if so how? And if not, what word would you use to describe the process?

Yes, it was a cleansing process, ridding myself of pointless regrets, and absorbing all I had learnt about perfect love to be applied to all situations.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the cover design?

The flowery face represented the alert soul with imagination and responsive to the world around while the blank face showed what dementia had taken away.

Q: Why did you name your book ‘Lesson of Love’?

That was exactly what it was. I learnt the true meaning of unconditional love.

Q: What is the main take-away that you would like your readers to have after reading your book?

I would like the readers to gain some inspiration from my experience and encouragement to do better than I did in many ways. I would hope also some joy in understanding the depths of God’s love.

About The Author:

Prue Phillipson was born in 1928 in Newcastle upon Tyne into a Christian family with one sister, Janet. Their mother introduced them to classic nineteenth century novels so they immersed themselves in history and good literature throughout their childhoods. Subsequently, Janet read history at the University of Manchester and Prue studied English at the University of London. Both became teachers. In 1953 Prue married Alan Phillipson and they moved to Edinburgh for his first job in town planning. She took a course in creative writing and sold short stories to the BBC and Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal. Prue was inspired to pursue a career as a writer, however, she was soon engrossed in family life. After returning to Newcastle in 1957, the Phillipsons raised five children and were also joined by Alan’s mother and stepfather. Nevertheless, freelance articles and short stories continued to flow. Prue’s diary, ‘Lesson of Love’, which documents her mother’s dementia is her first published book. Prue is now concentrating on writing novels and an e-publisher has published six of her novels online while two book publishers have accepted eight of them between them. The years of caring for her mother were extremely fulfilling and ones that she will never forget.

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