#BlogTour: The Colours by Juliet Bates @julietbates0 @FleetReads @RandomTTours

Book Synopsis:

Ellen sees the world differently from everyone else, but living in a tiny town in the north-east of England, in a world on the cusp of war, no one has time for an orphaned girl who seems a little strange. When she is taken in to look after a rich, elderly widow all seems to be going better, despite the musty curtains and her aging employer completely out of touch with the world. But pregnancy out of wedlock spoils all this, and Ellen is unable to cope. How will Jack, her son, survive – alone in the world as his mother was? Can they eventually find their way back to each other?

The Colours is a sweeping novel of how we can lose ourselves, and our loved ones, for fans of Kate Atkinson and Virginia Baily.

The Colours is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

The Colours is a beautifully written, absorbing book which managed to completely transport me to a different time and place.

Firstly the characters in this book are fantastic creations who really manage to get under your skin. It was quite poignant and heart breaking to read about everything Jack and Ellen had been through from such a young age. Their stories are so realistic that they start to feel like old friends, meaning that I felt everything they were going through like it was happening to me which I thought was very clever.

The historical details in this book were brilliant and helped me envisioned everything that was happening really clearly. It was quite shockingly to be reminded about how awfully people with mental health conditions were treated and I often felt myself tearing up about what I was reading. I’m very grateful that we are more understanding and have more help available now.

The author cleverly uses the title of the book throughout the story through Ellen’s colour synesthesia which is a condition I had never heard about before. I found it really fascinating to learn more about this condition and how it affects a person. Jack is also an artist and as such sees beauty or colour in everything which helps add to the beautifully vivid descriptions I mentioned earlier.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Fleet for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Juliet Bates was born in the north-east of England. After studying art and art history, she has worked as a lecturer in art schools in the UK and now in France. The Colours is Juliet’s second novel; her debut, The Missing, was published by Linen Press in 2009, and her short stories have appeared in British and Canadian journals and magazines.

5 thoughts on “#BlogTour: The Colours by Juliet Bates @julietbates0 @FleetReads @RandomTTours

  1. This sounds like a wonderful, well-written story. I read a cozy mystery series where the main character has synesthesia. It was very interesting. Nice review Joanna.


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