#BookReview: The Idea Of You by Robinne Lee @JenLovesReading @MichaelJBooks #TheIdeaOfYou

Book Synopsis:


To the media, Hayes Campbell is the enigmatic front-man of a record-breaking boyband.

To his fans, he’s the man of their dreams.

To Solène Marchand, he’s just the pretty face that’s plastered over her teenage daughter’s bedroom wall.

Until a chance meeting throws them together . . .

The attraction is instant. The chemistry is electric. The affair is Solène’s secret.

But how long can it stay that way?

The Idea Of You is available in ebook and paperback now. The ebook is currently only 99p. You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

The Idea Of You is a romantic, steamy read which is perfect for escaping reality and reading in the sun.

Firstly I must admit this isn’t my normal genre but I’d heard lots about this book so was naturally very intrigued. The love affair between Solene and Harry was great fun to follow and I enjoyed watching it progress. It was interesting to see the discussion about the age difference and societies reaction to them being a couple though. It sadly happens in reality but society doesn’t seem to like older woman with younger men where as they think the reverse is absolutely fine which seems hypercritical.

Solene was an interesting character for me and one I wasn’t completely sure I liked. She’s a strong women who has a successful career in the art world but she did annoy me at times with her constant wobbles about the age difference and her continual brand name dropping. Hayes was adorable and someone I can see a lot of people falling in love with. He’s based on Harry Styles so it was fun to read the book with him in mind. Some of the scenes between Hayes and Solene get really steamy which might not be to everyone’s taste.

This book takes you to some beautiful locations throughout the world and it was fun to follow the characters in these locations and live precariously through them. Some of the properties they visit sound stunning and made me wish I was able to visit them myself. It was quite eye opening to see how the other half live with live in chiefs and people catering to their every whim.

The ending was an interesting one for me. I didn’t mind it ending the way it did but was confused by the reasons that it ended that way as to me I felt they had been worked through or could have been easily resolved.

Overall I’m a bit on the fence about this book to be honest. There were parts I really enjoyed but other parts that I wasn’t sure about. I did find it an addictive read at the beginning and read the first half of the book quite fast but I felt it slowed down a bit in the middle and I must admit I found it a bit hard to finish sadly. As I said at the beginning though this isn’t more normal genre and I can well imagine it appealing to lots of other people this summer.

Huge thanks to Jen Harlow from Michael St Joseph for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book which I received in exchange for an honest review.

About The Author:

A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Robinne was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. As the daughter of Jamaican parents of African, Chinese, and British descent, Robinne has long had an affinity for travel and the arts. Her past endeavors include working as an Editorial Assistant for ELLE Magazine, both in New York and Paris, writing celebrity profiles for the now defunct youth culture magazine, TELL, and running a music management company. Robinne has numerous acting credits in both television and film, has served as a producer on various independent films and regularly speaks on panels and writes for trade magazines regarding the roles of women and actors of color in the industry. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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