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Book Synopsis:

From one of the most imaginative writers of her generation comes an extraordinary vision of the future.

Ven was once a holy man, a keeper of ancient archives. It was his duty to interpret archaic texts, sorting useful knowledge from the heretical ideas of the Burning Age – a time of excess and climate disaster. For in Ven’s world, such material must be closely guarded, so that the ills that led to that cataclysmic era can never be repeated.

But when the revolutionary Brotherhood approaches Ven, pressuring him to translate stolen writings that threaten everything he once held dear, his life will be turned upside down. Torn between friendship and faith, Ven must decide how far he’s willing to go to save this new world, and how much he is willing to lose.

Notes from the Burning Age is the remarkable and captivating new novel from the award-winning Claire North that puts dystopian fiction in a whole new light.

Notes From A Burning Age is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of this author, so a new book is always cause for great excitement. Once again the author has written a highly imaginative, compelling and thought provoking read which I really enjoyed.

Firstly the thing that always strikes me about this author is her amazing imagination. She just has this ability to create these fantastic worlds which are great fun to explore and spend time in. I found this world particularly fascinating as it seemed to be both post apocalyptic but also similar to the world we live in now. Whatever happened, the technological advances have been kept with things like text messages and Twitter mentioned in the book which I thought very interesting.

As always with this author there are some hidden meanings behind the story which I found very thought provoking and it was very enjoyable to unlock these from the narrative. This time it’s about caring about our environment which is obviously a very current issue. Throughout the book the author describes what might happen if we don’t start learning from our mistakes. I liked the way she did this, weaving it subtly into the story without seeming preachy.

This book was part thriller, part dystopian with a great pace to it which kept me turning the pages as I had to know what would happen next. There were lots of twists that kept me guessing and also a few funny moments that made me smile. The descriptions of the music concert with the Beatless and Beyondsee being a particular highlight. It did take me a little while to get used to the characters and the different organisations but once I had it sorted I was hooked! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves thrillers or dystopian fiction as I think they’d enjoy this book too.

Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Orbit for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Claire North is a pseudonym for British author Catherine Webb. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August was her first novel published under the Claire North name, and was one of the fastest-selling new SFF titles of the last ten years. It was selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club, the Radio 2 Book Club and the Waterstones Book Club promotions. Her next novel Touch was published in 2015 to widespread critical acclaim and was described by the Independent as ‘little short of a masterpiece’. Catherine currently works as a theatre lighting designer and is a fan of big cities, urban magic, Thai food and graffiti-spotting. She lives in London. Find her on Twitter as @ClaireNorth42.

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