Kid’s Summer Reading Challenge: The Selection #KidsReadingChallenge #WildWorldHeroes #LittleReaders

Every year across the UK local libraries, in association with The Reading Agency, do a reading challenge to encourage children to keep reading over the summer. This is because children’s reading levels can drop dramatically over the summer holidays which makes it harder for them when they go back to school.

Children can choose their own books from a wide variety of different genres (including audiobook) and can set how many books they’d like to read. 6 is the recommended amount but it can be higher or lower depending on age and ability. Local libraries but on a lot of activities during this time to try and encourage the children and to help make library visits more fun.

If they complete the challenge the children will get a wrist band for their efforts and are also rewarded at school too.

Ethan’s selection:

  1. Twirly Woos: Up
  2. In The Castle by Anna Milbourne
  3. Peppa Pig: Night Creatures
  4. My First Busy Jobs
  5. Busy Day: Astronaut by Dan Green
  6. Play Hide & Seek with Frog
  7. Making Tracks: Park

Ethan is only three so can’t read on his own yet but he can still earn himself a wristband by reading books with mum and telling the librarian all about them.

Lydia’s Selection:

  1. Read it Yourself: Thumbelina
  2. Bertie and the Big Balloon by Sue Graves & Helen Jackson
  3. The Messy Cake by Sue Graves
  4. Josie the Jewellery-Making Fairy by Daisy Meadow
  5. Violet the Painting Fairy by Daisy Meadow
  6. Martha the Doctor Fairy by Daisy Meadow
  7. Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy by Daisy Meadow
  8. Kitty the Tiger Fairy by Daisy Meadow

Lydia is five and has just starting learning to read at school. She has chosen a few books that she can read herself and a few of her favourite fairy books that she can read at bedtime with me. She has done simple reviews at school and, like her brother, is keen to do some reviews too.

Douglas’s Selection:

  1. Dogs and Doctors by Elen Caldecott
  2. The Rats of Meadowsweet Farm by Dick King-Smith
  3. Harry’s Mad by Dick King-Smith
  4. MegaStar: The Incredible Diary of Fin Spencer by Ciaran Murtagh
  5. Best Babysitters Ever by Caroline Cala
  6. Alien In My Bellybutton by Jimmy Mars
  7. Super Stan: Trash, Bang, Wallop by Elaine Wickson
  8. Super Hero School: Alien Attack by Alan MacDonald
  9. Wild Friends: Elephants Never Forget

Douglas is eight so is able to read on his own. He’s always been an enthusiastic reader and really enjoying visiting the library to make his choices, which he did completely on his own. He has said that he’d like to try to write some reviews for them so hopefully I’ll have some to share soon.

What did you think of our selection? Is anyone else doing the reading challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Kid’s Summer Reading Challenge: The Selection #KidsReadingChallenge #WildWorldHeroes #LittleReaders

  1. This is lovely Jo! I used to volunteer for this at my local library, listening to the children telling me about the books they read for this challenge. I did it for 4 summers until Covid came along and loved it. It’s a really lovely thing to be a part of and I hope they enjoy every minute of it! xx


  2. This is awesome. I love the choices your kids made. My children always participated in Summer Reading Programs when they were kids and we loved reading together. They would get bonus bucks for every book read by them or too them and then there would be an auction a the end of the summer. They could purchase books, school supplies or knickknacks. I can’t wait for Covid to end so I can get my grandchildren involved next year.

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