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Book Synopsis:

Till death do us part . . .

Lucy has dreamt of her wedding day for as long as she can remember.

And now the day is almost here. Her nearest and dearest are gathered on an idyllic Greek island and she just knows it’s going to be perfect. It has to be.

But even the best-laid plans can go horribly wrong. Why are her parents behaving so strangely? Why won’t the rather odd lady from the airport stop hanging around? Who is the silent stranger her sister brought as a plus-1?

And then they find the body.

It’s going to be a day to remember.

The Wedding Party is available in ebook and paperback now. The ebook is currently the amazing price of 99p! You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

The Wedding Party was another fun, twisty and gripping read from this amazing author!

I soon found myself drawn into the story and the stressful world of wedding madness that surrounds Lucy’s wedding. From our first meeting with the characters the reader becomes aware that things aren’t quite as happy families as Lucy hopes. There are lots of secrets being hiden by the members of the wedding party and it was deliciously fun to see everything come out in the open.

The characters are all interesting creations that I enjoyed following throughout the book. None are particularly likeable which made the story easier to enjoy in my opinion as I felt I could just relax and observe. I thought it was very clever how the author slowly revealed different parts of the character’s personalities as the story went on, so what initially seem like very superficial personalities actually have a lot more depth to them.

Overall i really enjoyed this book which I managed to finish in a couple days. There’s a great pace to the book from the start which slowly increases as we get to know the characters and discover the secrets they’ve been hiding. There are a few twists along the way which kept me guessing and I found the book hard to put down as I wanted to know what would be revealed and when. The ending took me completely by surprise and had me turning back through the pages to reread parts of the story.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Transworld for my copy of this book via netgalley.

About The Author:

Tammy Cohen is the author of six psychological thrillers, the latest of which is Stop At Nothing. She is fascinated by the darker side of human psychology. Her books explore how ‘ordinary’ people react when pushed into a corner, the parts of ourselves we hide from the world – and from ourselves. Previously she also wrote three commercial women’s fiction novels as Tamar Cohen debuting with The Mistress’s Revenge which was translated all round the world. In addition, she has written three historical novels under the pseudonym of Rachel Rhys. The first, Dangerous Crossing, was a Richard & Judy book club pick in Autumn 2017. She is a member of the Killer Women crime writing collective and lives in North London with her partner and three (allegedly) grown up children and her highly neurotic rescue dog.

Visit http://www.tammycohen.co.uk to find out more, or find her on facebook or twitter as @MsTamarCohen or on Instagram as @tammycohenwriter.

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