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Good morning everyone I’m on the blog tour for Lies Like Wildfire today and I’m delighted to be sharing Roberts review for this book.

Robert is my godson and a very enthusiastic reader. When I mentioned the book to him he was very excited and quickly volunteered to review it for me!

You can read Robert’s review a bit further down.

Book Synopsis:

The monsters have known each other their whole lives. This is their final summer before college – time to hang out, fall in love and dream about the future.

Until they accidentally start a forest fire which destroys their hometown and leaves death in its wake.

Desperate for the truth to remain hidden, the group make a pact of silence.

But the twisted secret begins to spin out of control and when one of the friends disappears they all become suspects.

We know how it starts but where does it end?

Secrets and lies are everywhere in this compulsive page-turner, perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying.

Lies Like Wildfire is published in ebook and hardback on the 7th September 2021. You can pre-order your copy using the links below.

Robert’s Review:

Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez is full of drama, fear and the constant tension throughout that makes it so hard to put down. It is an extremely well crafted book that hooks the reader in, refusing to let go of their mind even when they find the strength to fold the page and close it.

The book is set in a small rural town called Gap Mountain, California. The main characters are the ‘monsters’ – Hannah, Mo, Violet, Luke, and Drummer, – Hannah’s dad (the sheriff), Lulu Sandoval (Violet’s grandmother), and Justin.

The book begins with a group of friends, nicknamed the ‘monsters’, meeting up for their last summer together before they leave for college, and all they want is to be happy and have fun. They visit a wood on the edge of the impossibly deep and mysterious Gap Lake, wary of the fact that it is currently fire season. However, when Hannnah, the main character, grabs Luke’s arm in a moment of anger because he has brought a pipe into “a tinderbox called a forest”, their summer together implodes catastrophically.

As Hannah grabs his arm, the pipe falls from his hand, causing a small fire. The group of 5 desperately attempt to douse the flames, but it’s too late, the dry pine needles and strong winds have fuelled the fire into something out of control, raging. The friends flee the scene, and later agree a pact of silence, as they all have their own reasons for keeping their involvement a secret. Hannah will do anything to keep the truth from surfacing, pushing herself to the edge many times. The lies pile up and up, until a fragile tower is built, keeping the 5 just above the fiery tongues of the law. How long will it last?

Alvarez’s style of writing is fast-paced, unpredictable, and utterly gripping. The book is aimed at people who are around 13 years+. In my opinion, this book is absolutely amazing. I would place it in the top 5 of any book I have ever read, and therefore would recommend to anyone that you should read it as soon as you can.

About The Author:

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez is the author of two middle grade fantasy series, The Guardian Herd and Riders of the Realm, and she holds a degree in English from UC Berkeley. She lives in Sonoma County, California and consulted with the Sonoma County Fire District Deputy Chief and a detective at the San Francisco District Attorney’s office in relation to this novel. You can follow her on Instagram @jennifer_lynn_alvarez or Twitter @Jenniferdiaries. Visit her online at jenniferlynnalvarez.com

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