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Book Synopsis:

Italy, 1943. In the hills outside Naples, the silver moon shines brightly on a whitewashed farmhouse. An urgent knock on the door breaks the silence: and in that moment, one young woman’s act of incredible bravery changes the course of the war.

For Carmela del Bosco, a farm girl in a remote Italian village, sheltering an English spy is the most dangerous thing she could do. If she’s caught by the fascists it would be the end, especially for her beloved grandmother sleeping soundly upstairs. But taking in the pleading brown eyes of the man calling himself Sebastiano slumped at her door, and his terrible injuries inflicted by the Nazi occupiers, Carmela remembers how Nonna always taught her right from wrong. Risking everything, she hides him in a ruined tower on the edge of the farm.

Each day Carmela tends his wounds, and the passion that kindles between them is a light in the darkest time. Sebastiano has information that could end the war, and needs her help to send it. But tracking down fellow members of the resistenza in the mountains means risking her life and bringing danger to everyone she knows.

Carmela knows she must find the courage to do what’s right for her country. But if she leaves the farm, will she ever see her beloved nonna again? And will her sacrifice tear her away from the only man she’s ever loved, forever?

An absolutely stunning and heartbreaking historical novel about the impossible choices people are forced to make in wartime. Fans of The Nightingale, All the Light We Cannot See and Rhys Bowen will be captivated.

The Italian Girl’s Secret is available in ebook and paperback now. The ebook is currently only £1.99. You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of this author’s books so when I was given an opportunity to read her latest book I was incredibly excited. The Italian Girl’s Secret was an immersive, gripping read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have always enjoyed books that are set in the second world war, especially as there are always new areas to explore and new things to learn. This book was no exception and I enjoyed learning more about events that helped lead to the liberation of Naples. One of the things I most liked about this book is that it isn’t just full of the more heartbreaking moments of the war and instead focuses on the ordinary citizens daily struggles and their bravery which was great to read about. It was interesting to learn more about what daily life was like for Italian citizens and how family and neighbours where often on different sides of the conflict which I hadn’t really considered before.

The two main characters Carmela and Sebastiano were great main characters who I enjoyed following throughout the book. I loved how the author spent time letting the reader get to know the characters, so that they started to feel like old friends. This help them seem very realistic but also helped ensure I was firmly on their side. The love story between Carmela and Sebastiano was absolutely beautiful to watch unfold and I found I had to keep reading to find out what happens between them.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and found the book very hard to put down. I think I went through every emotion as I read sadness, horror at what was happening and huge admiration for the amazing bravery of the resistance and the everyday citizens. There was lots of twists that kept me reading and the descriptions where so vivid that I felt like I was actually there watching everything unfold. I lost track of time whilst reading as I was so caught up in everything that was happening.

Huge thanks to Noelle from Bookouture for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book via netgalley.

About The Author:

Natalie is a RITA nominated, USA Today Bestselling author of six novels: The Dress Thief, The Milliner’s Secret (re-titled “The Girl who Dreamed of Paris”), The Wardrobe Mistress, Summer in the Vineyards, The Secret Vow and most recently, The Paris Girl. Look out for a heartwrenching WW2 inspired novel set in Italy, due out Autumn 2020.Visit her website at https://www.nataliemegevans.ukNatalie Meg Evans has had a varied career, first as an actor in London’s fringe theatre, then as a PR exec and company director and finally, dream achieved, as a full-time writer. She lives with two very lively dogs in rural mid Suffolk.Natalie has collected numerous awards for her writing including the UK’s Harry Bowling Prize (2012). The Dress Thief was nominated for a coveted RITA Award by Romance Writers of America and it won the Greek Public Book award for the best foreign novel; also, the UK’s Festival of Romance readers award (where readers rather than industry professionals select and judge). The Milliner’s Secret was shortlisted for the same award.Natalie was also nominated for the coveted Daphne du Maurier award and was named a finalist for a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award.Natalie’s titles are available as Spoken Word. She loves to hear from readers.

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