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Book Synopsis:

Film star Amelie Hart is the darling of the silver screen, appearing on the front pages of every newspaper. But at the peak of her fame she throws it all away for a regular guy with an ordinary job. The gossip columns are aghast: what happened to the woman who turned heads wherever she went?

Any hope the furore will die down are crushed when Amelie’s boyfriend Dave is arrested on charges of child sexual abuse. Dave strongly asserts his innocence, and when Amelie refuses to denounce him, the press witch hunt quickly turns into physical violence, and she has to flee the country.

While Dave is locked up with the most depraved men in the country and Amelie is hiding on the continent, Damaris, the victim at the centre of the story, is isolated – a child trying to make sense of an adult world.

Breathtakingly brutal, dark and immensely moving, A Song of Isolation looks beneath the magpie glimmer of celebrity to uncover a sinister world dominated by greed and lies, and the unfathomable destruction of innocent lives … in an instant.

A Song Of Isolation is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

I’ve been a huge fan of this author since his debut so I was very excited to learn that he had a new book out as I know they are always fantastic reads. This is going to be a hard book to review as I really don’t want to give anything away.

In this book the author takes the difficult subject of a child abuse case and gives the reader the opportunity to observe it from three different points of view which I thought was very interesting. The story is told by Dave, the accused, his girlfriend Amelia who is a former actress and the victim Damaris. I liked that the author didn’t try to overly sway the readers opinion about the characters so I didn’t find myself siding with any one of the characters which I found interesting as I thought I’d immediately be on the child’s side. That’s not to say I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for him – I did but I also felt empathy towards Amelia and Dave too.

I thought this story was very fast paced with lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. Some of the revelations where deeply shocking and made me wonder at the lengths done people would go to. The author also takes a swipe at the press and their need for juicy stories regardless if the heartbreak they can leave in their wake. This gave the book quite a modern, realistic feel to it and made me think I was actually following a case in real life.

Overall I would highly recommend this book to anyone who liked fast paced books that make you think. Im excited to see what this fantastic author comes up with next.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Orenda for my copy of this book. Just read it, you won’t regret it!

About The Author:

Michael J. Malone was born and brought up in the heart of Burns’ country, just a stone’s throw from the great man’s cottage in Ayr. Well, a stone thrown by a catapult, maybe. He has published over 200 poems in literary magazines throughout the UK, including New Writing Scotland, Poetry Scotland and Markings. BLOOD TEARS, his debut novel won the Pitlochry Prize (judge:Alex Gray) from the Scottish Association of Writers and when it was published he added a “J” to his name to differentiate it from the work of his talented U.S. namesake. He can be found on twitter – @michaelJmalone1

#BlogTour: Coming Home To Hope Street by Marcie Steele @writermels @BOTBSPublicity #HopeStreet #MarcieSteele

Book Synopsis:

Step across the cobblestones, pull back the curtains and peek behind the doors in the second instalment of The Hope Street Series. Catch up with old friends and fall in love with new ones in a story of friendship, second chances and new beginnings.

Livvy has no choice but to return to Hope Street, the childhood home she left over twenty years ago. Along with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Pip, she turns up on the doorstep, hoping for forgiveness from her sister.

Hannah thought she’d never see Livvy again. She’s overwhelmed with emotion but locks away her real feelings. How could Livvy stay away without any contact? And why has she come back now?

It isn’t long before the charm of the market town of Somerley begins to work its magic. Hannah is opening a book shop in the square, adjoining The Coffee Stop, and Livvy’s offer to help out brings the sisters closer together.

But when someone from Livvy’s past arrives unannounced too, he threatens everything she’s built up since her return. Can Livvy convince her sister, and her new friends, that her intentions to return were good ones? Or will her dreams of settling down and being happy again become nothing but a closed book?

If you love an uplifting story, then Coming Home to Hope Street is the perfect feel-good read to curl up with. Ideal for fans of Hannah Ellis, Holly Martin and Emily Harvale.

Coming Home To Hope Street is available in ebook and paperback now. The ebook is currently only 99p. You can purchase your copy of both using the link below.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this wonderful, feel good read by one of favourite authors! Marcie’s books are great for curling up with after a hard day as you know you’ll be able to relax into the book and just enjoy the story.

Firstly I loved being back in Somerley which sounds like a fabulous place to live. I would love to live their myself as all the residents seem so nice and there is a great sense of community there which was lovely to read about. All the characters were very likeable ones who are easy to warm to. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and finding out a little about their lives.

The storyline was mainly a warm one with enough interesting things happening so that it kept my interest throughout. I liked that the author kept it realistic and that the ending wasn’t a sugary sweet one with everything tied up neatly in a bow.

This is the second book in the series and whilst it could be read as a standalone it probably is best to read them in order as I think you’d understand the characters more.

Huge thanks to Sarah from Books On The Bright side for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Hi, I’m Marcie Steele and I write down-to-earth stories about day-to-day people. I’ve written three novels in The Somerley Series and I’ve started a new series, the first book, The Man Across the Street, out now. The second book, Coming Home to Hope Street, will be published in September 2020. The series will be in six parts, featuring a main story per book from each of the six characters. Why not take a walk along Hope Street and fall in love with the women, the street and the sense of camaraderie? My books have sold over 300,000 copies. Coffee, cake and friendship are three of my favourite things. You’ll always find me writing in a cafe, people watching.

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Book Synopsis:



With her husband, AkhenatenNefertiti – the most powerful, charismatic and beautiful Queen of the ancient world – rules over an Empire at the peak of its glory and domination.

Together, they have built a magnificent new city in the desert on the banks of the Nile and are about to host kings, dignitaries and leaders from around the Empire for a vast festival to celebrate their triumph.

But suddenly, Nefertiti vanishes.

Rahotep – the youngest chief detective of the Thebes division- can see patterns where others cannot. His unusual talents earn him a summons to the royal court.

With ten days to find the Queen and return her in time for the festival, Rahotep knows that success will bring glory – but if he fails, he and his young family will die…

Rahotep’s adventure continue in Tutankhamun and Egypt: The Book of Chaos



On the shadowy city streets the cryptically mutilated bodies of several young people are discovered. These brutal acts are destabilizing a ruthless regime already unstable thanks to corruption and the appalling divide between rich and poor.

Meanwhile, Tutankhamun, at 18, has inherited an empire that should be at the height of power and glory. But he faces only a Court full of conspiracies and plotting, and a bitter struggle for power.

And when his own security is threatened by an intruder in the palace, he needs an outsider he can trust to track down the traitor. Rahotep receives a mysterious invitation to the labyrinthine halls of the Royal Palace.

But what he discovers at the dark heart of power will put his life, and his family, in grave danger. . .

Rahotep’s adventures continue in Egypt: The Book of Chaos. Have you read Nefertiti, his first adventure?

Nefertiti and Tutankhamen is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of Wilbur Smith so when I saw this author being compared to him I was instantly intrigued. I was definitely not disappointed as I really enjoyed these two fast paced historical thrillers.

Firstly the author does a great job of setting the scene in these books and I felt completely transported to ancient Egypt so that I could feel the heat and smell all the amazing spices in the markets. I must confess I didn’t know much about Egyptian history before reading these book so I really enjoyed learning more about the pyramids and some of the Egyptian myths.

The mystery part of the stories was very cleverly done with both books starting slowly but gradually getting faster paced as the story continued. I especially liked how Nefertiti was based on a real life mystery as apparently no one is sure where they disappeared to.

Overall I really enjoyed these fantastic books and can’t wait to read more from the series. The author has written a very absorbing, completely intriguing read which I couldn’t put down. I’ll definitely be recommending him to other historical thriller readers.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Transworld for my copy of these books via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Nick Drake was born in 1961. He is a screenwriter and an award-winning poet. He has been Literary Associate at the National Theatre and worked with Nicholas Hytner and Nicholas Wright on the stage version of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

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Book Synopsis:

The Monstrous Me series is a split perspective book looking at situations from another point of view to help children develop a sense of balance, roundedness and wellbeing. Readers can turn the story on its head and look at the very same situations from different angles. In this book, ‘My Daddy is a Monster’ an inquisitive little boy is convinced his dad is a monster. But, is he really? When we look through his daddy’s eyes, we see a very different story.

My Daddy’s A Monster is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

My daughter was a huge fan of My Mummy’s A Monster so I was very excited to learn that the author had written another book in the series. Once again this was a huge hit with my daughter and soon became a regular night time read. I think I actually know the book off by heart now as I have read it so many times.

As mentioned in the blurb the book is told from two perspectives one from the children and one from the parents which I think is a very clever idea. It helps children to understand why parents say no to things sometimes and why they react the way they do. My daughter often said to me whilst reading, ‘oh so that’s why we aren’t allowed to do that’, so the books message does get through!

The book is full of wonderful full page illustrations which are really bright and detailed. My daughter spent ages looking at them and enjoyed finding little details that she had missed previously. The one difference I found between this book and the previous one was there was a bit of naughty humour running through it which my daughter found hilarious, there was also some adult humour as there were a couple of times I found myself laughing whilst my daughter just looked at me confused.

Overall we absolutely loved this book and I would really recommend them as bedtime reading for children. My daughter has constantly requested it since we got our copy and has even slept with it under her pillow on a few occasions as she liked it so much.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to the author for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Natalie Reeves Billing is a Liverpool lass with a dark sense of humour, which often spills onto the page. She loves to write spooky, fantastical stories for young audiences, and dabbles in poetry, contemporary fiction. Natalie spent most of her early career in the music industry as a performer and professional songwriter. This lead, almost inevitably, to storytelling. Natalie is an Arvon Foundation friend and is a student of the Golden Egg Academy. She is mentored under the Lloyds Bank SSE program, with her Bubs Literacy project. She is published in several anthologies with her poetry and flash fiction, including the Writing on the Wall, Read Now, Write Now, and is involved in several collaborations with fellow writers across poetry, song, and scriptwriting. Her new book, My Mummy is a Monster (part of the Monstrous Me collection) will be available in March 2020 and Carry Love in June 2020 Connect with Natalie on Twitter @BillingReeves.

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Book Synopsis:

From the internationally bestselling author of The Secret Wife comes a tale of love, sacrifice and betrayal, available now.

Published in the US as Jackie and Maria.

When her first marriage ends in tragedy, Jackie Kennedy fears she’ll never love again. But all that changes when she encounters…

Successful and charming, Ari Onassis is a man who promises her the world. Yet soon after they marry, Jackie learns that his heart also belongs to another…

A beautiful, famed singer, Maria Callas is in love with Jackie’s new husband – and she isn’t going to give up.

Little by little, Jackie and Maria’s lives begin to tangle in a dangerous web of secrets, scandal and lies. But with both women determined to make Ari theirs alone, the stakes are high. How far will they go for true love?

The Second Marriage is available in ebook and hardback now. The ebook is currently only 99p. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of this author’s books as I absolutely love the way she writes absorbing historical fiction. This story was no exception and I soon found myself drawn into the story and into the glamorous lives of the characters. The author’s vivid descriptions meant I was able to perfectly imagine the scenes and I often felt like I was actually there watching everything unfold.

The characters are real life historical characters who I loved following throughout the book. I knew a little about Jackie but Maria was a completely new character to me so I found it very interesting to find out more about her. I had expected to like one of them over the other, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Instead I felt like a neutral bystander as I thought both woman deserved happiness. It was quite shocking at times how both of them were used so I also felt a lot of sympathy for them. I really did not like Onassis however as he came across as quite an unfeeling, calculating man which I kept hoping the two woman would realise.

Overall I thought this was a very intriguing book which was the perfect blend of fact and fiction. The author lets the reader get to know her characters on quite a personal level so I felt very involved in the story and therefore more concerned about how it was all going to end. My only small gripe is that I wish the American title of the book, Jackie and Maria was also used over here as I feel it fits the book slightly better.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Avon for my copy of this book via Netgalley. If you’re a fan of well written, absorbing historical fiction then you need to read this book, and then go back and read the author’s back catalogue as it’s all amazing!

About The Author:

Gill Paul is an author of historical fiction, specialising in the twentieth century and often writing about the lives of real women. Her novels have topped bestseller lists in the US and Canada as well as the UK and have been translated into twenty languages. The Secret Wife has sold over half a million copies and is a book-club favourite worldwide.

She is also the author of several non-fiction books on historical subjects. She lives in London and swims year-round in a wild pond. The Second Marriage is her ninth novel.

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Book Synopsis:

The past few months have made us realise that change is inevitable – sometimes good but sometimes it can be cruel and makes your world go out of control.We might experience anxiety, low moods, night sweats, exhaustion or worse. We lose all hope and feel that there is nothing to look forward to.Little Book of Hope helps you find your way back again – through Reflections to guide you through the difficult times, together with: Family. Friends. Rest. Time – for yourself. Walk. Talk. Cry. Grieve. Meditate. Pray. Accept things. Patience.Dedicated to all those around the world who have lost hard but loved much – that you may re-discover Hope and welcome the beautiful pleasure of joy back into your lives.

The Little Book Of Hope is available in ebook and paperback now. The ebook is currently only 99p. You can purchase your copy of both using the link below.

My Review:

I thought this was a beautiful, uplifting book which I would recommend to everyone. It would make a great gift and I’m definitely planning on buying some for friends in the future.

The book is divided into different sections so that it is easy to flick through and find a section suitable for your current state of mind which I found really helpful. Each page if filled with a lovely message or reflection that I found really uplifting and helped calm me at stressful moments. It was a book that I found I needed as the world slowly returned to normal.

I loved the simple message that this book had flowing through it which helped remind me of what was important in life especially during difficult times. Its a great book to have on your bookshelves to look at when you need it most and I’ll be recommend it to all who need a boost!

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Peach press for sending me a copy of this book.

About The Author:

Louise Hall is from Malahide, Co. Dublin. She has previously published two works of non-fiction, Medjugorje: What it Means to Me and Medjugorje and Me: A Collection of Stories from Across the World. Her fiction has been published in The Irish Times and been shortlisted for numerous competitions, such as the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Short Story Award, the Colm Tóibín International Short Story Competition and the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Awards. Pilgrim is her debut novel.

Website: www.louisehall.ie

Twitter: @LouHallWriter

Instagram: @louisehallwriter

#BlogTour: For When I’m Gone by Rebecca Ley @rebeccahelenley @orionbooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n #ForWhenImGone #RebeccaLey

Book Synopsis:

Because there’s never enough time to say goodbye…

Sylvia knows that she’s running out of time. Very soon, she will exist only in the memories of those who loved her most and the pieces of her life she’s left behind.

So she begins to write her husband a handbook for when she’s gone, somewhere to capture the small moments of ordinary, precious happiness in their married lives. From raising their wild, loving son, to what to give their gentle daughter on her eighteenth birthday – it’s everything she should have told him before it was too late.

But Sylvia also has a secret, one that she’s saved until the very last pages. And it’s a moment in her past that could change everything…

For She I’ve Gone is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

This has to be one of the most beautiful, heartfelt books I’ve read for a long time. It’s a book that somehow manages to be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

The subject of this book is obviously a very poignant one which hit me hard, especially as I’m a parent myself. I often found myself tearing up at the milestones Sylvia would be missing and how it would feel to be in her shoes. It definitely made me appreciate my family more and I often found myself having to give my kid extra hugs or kisses whilst reading.

Sylvia was a fantastic main character who I warmed to instantly and enjoyed following throughout the book. She seemed such a real character so everything that happens to her hit me that much harder. I actually liked that she had flaws and wasn’t perfect as I felt that added more to the story. It definitely made her a more sympathetic, relatable character.

I found this to be a completely absorbing book which I found hard to put down. I thought it was clever that despite such a sad story line the author doesn’t allow the story to just be a sad one and there actually are some funny moments in the book. This is a book that will stay with me for a long time and I will be recommending it to everyone.

Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Orion for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Rebecca Ley is a journalist who wrote a column for the Guardian, Doing it for Dad, about her father’s dementia. She has previously worked at the Times, the Sun and the Daily MailFor When I’m Gone is her debut novel.

#BlogTour: The Watcher by Kate Medina @KateTMedina @HarperFiction @fictionpubteam @RandomTTours

Book Synopsis:

If you see him it’s already too late…

‘A brilliant and believable female lead’ Good Housekeeping

Some secrets can’t be hidden.

The Fullers are the picture-perfect family, a wealthy couple with a grand home in the middle of remote woodland. But even they have something to hide – and it will prove fatal.

Some crimes can’t be forgotten.

Psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn and DI Marilyn Simmons arrive at the Fuller’s home to find a suburban nightmare. A crime scene more disturbing than anything they have ever encountered.

Some killers can’t be stopped.

Jessie knows that this is no random act of violence. And if she can’t unlock the motivation behind the crime and shine a light into this killer’s mind, the Fullers won’t be the only family to die…

The Watcher is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this tense, addictive and frightening read. It’s going to be a hard book to review as I don’t want to give anything away.

Firstly I absolutely loved the main character Jessie who I warmed to instantly and enjoyed following throughout the book. She was a fascinating, highly original character and I liked that the author included some of her personal life into the story so the reader gets more of an idea about what she is really like. I think it’s fair to say she’s been through quite a lot and it was quite poignant to see how she was dealing with all of that on top of her job.

I found this to be quite a creepy read which had me at the edge of my seat at times. This is definitely not a book to read on your own at night as the scenes describing people being watched in their homes really got into my head and made me very paranoid. I had to get up and shut the curtains whilst reading as I kept thinking someone was watching me too.

Overall I really enjoyed this fast paced, creepy read which I sailed through in a couple of days. The many twists kept me guessing and I often found myself changing my mind about what was happening. The tension in the book is slowly increased until it becomes almost unbearable and I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what happens but also wanting to stop as I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know. If you are a fan of creepy, absorbing crime thrillers then this is definitely the book for you!

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Harper Collins for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About The Author:

Kate Medina has always been fascinated by the ‘whys’ of human behaviour, an interest that drove her to study Psychology at university and later to start a crime series featuring clinical psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and her debut novel White Crocodile received widespread critical acclaim, as did Fire Damage, Scared to Death AND Two Little Girls, the first three books in the Jessie Flynn series.

Before turning to writing full time, Kate spent five years in the Territorial Army and has lectured at the London Business School and the London School of Economics. She lives in London with her husband and three children.

Twitter: @KateTMedina

#BlogTour: A Burning Sea by Theodore Brun @theodorebrun @CorvusBooks @RandomTTours #ABurningSea #TheodoreBrun #RandomThingsTours #5Stars

Book Synopsis:

Doomed to wander. Destined for glory.

Erlan Aurvandil has turned his back on the past and his native Northern lands, taking a perilous journey to the greatest city in the world, Byzantium. But as his voyage ends, Erlan is brutally betrayed, captured and enslaved by a powerful Byzantine general.

Meanwhile, Lilla Sviggarsdottír, Queen of Svealand, has lost her husband and with him, her kingdom. Leaving her lands and people behind, Lilla journeys east on a new quest: to find Erlan and raise an army mighty enough to defeat her usurper.

But when she reaches the great city of Byzantium, she discovers a place in turmoil. A dark tide is rising against the Emperor from within his own court. As the shadows darken and whispers of war begin to strengthen, Erlan’s fate becomes intertwined with that of the city. Are they both doomed to fall, or can freedom be won in the blood of battle?

A Burning Sea is available in ebook and hardback now. You can purchase your copy by using the link below.

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of this author and this frankly amazing series so I was so excited to be invited onto the blog tour for this his latest book.

Firstly I absolutely loved the wonderful descriptions in this book which made me feel like I was right there watching everything unfold. It really helped transport me to a different world so I felt involved in the story and everything that happens. I thought it was a great way of learning more about a different time and culture that I previously didn’t know much about. I loved the little details the author included about the nuances of everyday life especially as these always help bring a world to life for me.

The characters were fabulous creations and I liked how there were all so different to each other. There were some characters I really liked so I enjoyed following their story throughout the book and others who I hoped met the grissily end I felt they deserved.

I thought this was a fast paced action packed book which I found hard to put down as there was always something happening. The author was very skilled in keeping me in suspense so I was often taken by surprise about what happens next. This is a quite a dark book with some quite gory scenes at times, though I didn’t feel personally that they were overdone and that the author included them more to show how brutal the time was then anything else.

This is the third book in the series and whilst it could probably be read as a standalone it is probably best to read them in order!

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Corvus for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Theodore Brun studied Dark Age archaeology at Cambridge. In 2010, he quit his job as an arbitration lawyer in Hong Kong and cycled 10,000 miles across Asia and Europe to his home in Norfolk. A Burning Sea is his third novel.

#BlogTour: Charlotte McGee by Annabelle Lewis @alewisauthor @RandomTTours #CharlotteMcGee #TheCarrowsFamilyChronicles #RandomThingsTours

Book Synopsis:

A family of billionaire grifters. A girl seeking true love. A con she didn’t see coming.

Beautiful, sensitive Charlotte never fit in her family of American grifters. Determined to make her own way in the world, she sets out for New York City with a new identity, certain no one will discover that she’s a Carrows. Wealthy. Powerful. Elite.

With anonymity comes the freedom to love. And to be loved for herself, not her money. She finds that in David Torres, her college boyfriend at NYU. But what will David do once he discovers he’s been dating a Carrows? Nothing good.

The heartbreaking devastation that David brings leaves Charlotte estranged from her family and alone. Or so she thinks. With her mother’s help, they set out to right a grievous wrong. Can they repair their broken family? Can they bring David to justice?

Charlotte McGee is the first book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire romance suspense novels. If you like exciting capers filled with glamour and romance, Book One will leave you delighted and eager for more!

Charlotte McGee is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

My Review:

This was a brilliant, intriguing read which was a fantastic way to start a new series.

I was soon sucked into the story and the lives of the larger than life Carrow family. I think it’s fair to say that they are a very strong, fabulous set of characters who are easy to fall in love with despite their flaws. Charlotte was a wonderful main character who was easy to get behind as I loved how smart and shrewd she was. She knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stop her which was very admirable.

I thought the story was a very fun action packed one which I really enjoyed. It seemed to have a bit of everything in it love, friendship and of course revenge which was brilliant to see develop. The characters definitely go on a journey throughout the book and I enjoyed seeing how much they changed. I found the book hard to out down at times as I had to keep reading to find out what would happen. This is the first book in the series and I’m very excited to read more!

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Annabelle Lewis lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Regrettably? Perhaps. She still believes she’s a Texan even though the math no longer supports that. Nor her birthplace. Nor her residence. No offense, Minnesota. You’ve got your good points too, but only about six months of the year.

In her youth, Annabelle was a complete failure. Ask anyone who knew her. Any of her teachers and family would tell you this. High school graduation was a sad day for all when Annabelle walked proudly off the high school stage, her thoughts consumed with boys, beer, and after-parties, and later into the arms of her parents. Her father’s laughter and singular remark? “I didn’t think you’d make it. Get a job at the post office, they have a good retirement plan.”

A high bar and words to live by, but Annabelle wanted more. She needed to flunk out of college too. But damn, she sure did have a good time. Arrest records not-withstanding, it was a growth period for our girl. And if you look closely, you’ll see a bit of what was to come when she majored in criminal justice. Her lifelong aspiration was to become a judge. Hmm.

For better or worse, Annabelle didn’t graduate from college, but did find gainful employment and a fulfilling career. This path ended when she became a mom. Married to her wonderful George, who to this day can hardly remember an actual proposal, Annabelle finally became a mother. She didn’t have a clue how hard she would need to work to keep those self-imposed requirements of Downey-fresh, iron-pressed sheets, home baked meals, and mom-of-the year awards arriving. She composed a small self-affirmation song and made her children sing it to her for money. She was a very good mom.

After clearing the largest hurdles of motherhood and regrettably, begrudgingly, and not-without-tears, launching her children onto the world, she looked around and realized she had a lot to say. Picking up a laptop, she got to work.

Annabelle spends her days continuing to tackle the challenges of motherhood, for both her humans and canines. She also writes. And reads. And cleans. And cooks. And bakes. And cleans again. She also supports her husband, George, in an administrative capacity. Not necessarily in the home, but for their small business. She’s in charge of payroll and cuts George’s checks. This leads to no marital acrimony.

At the beginning, with the blank page staring at her and possibly in a hostile mood after being literally mauled by a dog and by the world in general, she had an idea. What if she could wield a force of good upon unsuspecting evil-doers? What if she had the resources to get the job done without dealing with committee and anyone else’s whiney-ass opinions?

It was gold. It took off. Annabelle sat down and began to write and couldn’t stop. To date, having written almost a million words in the Carrows Family Chronicles, several items have become quite clear. Annabelle had a lot to say. Annabelle really enjoys writing. And although she hates all things technology, she begrudgingly pounds her head on her desk daily as obstacles are put in her path. Almost a hero.

Since adopting the Carrows Family and becoming one with them in her mind, she has rebelled against all intrusion of real-world responsibilities. Her house is a mess, but she tries. Her family is fed, but more often than not, on takeout. She vows to shower every day, but no, it’s a vow she’ll never keep. Her friends are neglected, but not in her heart.

Leave her alone or you’ll end up in her blog. Annabelle Blogs is another communication vehicle she uses to not only rant at the world, but at her family. She regularly sets them up for failure when they forget to read her diatribes and report back their response in a timely manner. Shame on you, Annabelle. They’re good people and they have to live with you.

The Carrows are her second family. They are on the streets as we speak, deceptively and cleverly taking out the bad guy. And he doesn’t see them coming. Unless intended. Read about the Carrows. Jump into bed with them. Literally. Annabelle Lewis is having a swell time. You should join her.