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Book Synopsis:

Two women – desperate to unlock the truth.
How far will they go to lay the past to rest?

ANNA has been taught that virtue is the path to God. But on her eighteenth birthday she defies her Mamma’s rules and visits Florida’s biggest theme park.

She has never been allowed to go – so why, when she arrives, does everything seem so familiar? And is there a connection to the mysterious letter she receives on the same day?

ROSIE has grown up in the shadow of the missing sister she barely remembers, her family fractured by years of searching without leads. Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of her sister’s disappearance, the media circus resumes in full flow, and Rosie vows to uncover the truth.

But will she find the answer before it tears her family apart?

My Name Is Anna is available now in ebook and paperback. You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this gripping, dark book which covers one of my worst fears. It intrigued me from the first pages and the slow reveal of what happened had me thoroughly absorbed in the book.

The story is told in alternate chapters from the points of view of Anna and Rosie which made for very interesting reading. I found it very emotional to read about how the family has been affected over the years as being a mother myself I could we imagine the anguish they were feeling. The story slowly works backwards to the day Emily was taken giving the reader glimpses into both girls lives. Anna has lived an interesting existence with her ‘Mamma’ a strict, religious women who is obsessed with cleanliness making Anna wash her arm in hot bleach to clean them. I enjoyed learning more about Anna and it was nice to see her gain confidence to come out from Mamma’s shadow.

The story was a bit of a slow burner for me with the first part of the book helping to set the scene as it helps the reader learn more about the two girls and the different lives they have led. The pace of the book kicks up about half way through and soon becomes so gripping it’s impossible to put down. There are lots of twists that helped keep me on my toes and ensured I was completely absorbed. The reason why Anna was taken was quite disturbing and I found myself getting quite emotional towards the end as everything is revealed.

The ending, although quite abrupt, seemed quite realistic as I do believe that’s how things would have been. I’d have quite liked an extra chapter to see how things are afterwards .

This is the author’s debut novel and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. Other bloggers have said it would make a good film and I completely agree!

Huge thanks to Rachel from Arrow Publishers for my copy of this book and for inviting me onto the blog tour. If you like dark, gripping thrillers you’ll love this book.

About The Author:

Lizzy Barber studied English at Corpus Christ College, Cambridge University. After ‘previous lives’ acting and working in film development, she is now the Head of Brand and Marketing for a restaurant group, working with her brother, a restaurateur. 
Her debut novel, MY NAME IS ANNA, was the winner of the Daily Mail crime writing competition, and will be published in hardbook in January 2019 by Century, an imprint of Penguin Random House. The North American edition, retitled ANNA IN THE DARK will be published in December 2019. 
She is currently hard at work on her next thriller. Lizzy lives in London with her husband, George, food writer and strategy consultant. They are expecting their first child in January 2019.


#BlogTour: Puzzle Girl by Rachael Featherstone @WRITERachael @DomePress @emily_glenister #PuzzleGirl

Book Synopsis:

Love is a riddle, waiting to be solved…

Clued-up career girl Cassy Brookes has life under control until one disastrous morning changes everything. When she finds herself stuck in a doctor’s surgery, a cryptic message left in a crossword magazine sends her on a search to find the mysterious puzzle-man behind it.

Cassy is soon torn between tracking down her elusive dream guy, and outwitting her nightmare workmate, the devious Martin. Facing a puzzling love-life, will she ever be able to fit the pieces together and discover the truth behind this enigmatic man?

Puzzle Girl is available in ebook and paperback now, purchased your copy via the link below.

My Review:

Puzzle Girl is a fun, easy read that would make a great holiday read!

The story follows Cassy as she tries to gain a promotional at work and solve the mystery behind the cryptic clues left in a magazine at the doctor’s surgery. Some of the things Cassy gets up to trying to solve this mystery were utterly hilarious and had my laughing out loud at times. In order to visit the doctor’s Cassy has to make up a variety of ailments which get more and more silly as the story goes on leading to some very fun, and embarrassing, situations.

Cassy was a fantastic main character who seemed a very real and likeable person, who I warmed to immediately. She was someone who it was easy to get behind and I found myself willing her on. The secondary characters were also great to read about even her rival Martin who I felt was nicer than he let on. I also loved her best friend who is the kind of friend I think everyone should have!

There are a few twists and turns in the story which kept the story interesting, though I did guess a few of them. The actual mystery surrounding who was leaving the puzzles was quite subtle and I didn’t figure it out until later in the book. I didn’t feel that this ruined the story for me though as I still really enjoyed it.

This is the author’s debut novel and I’ll look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Huge thanks to Emily from Dome Press for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book. If you like funny, light reads then I think you’ll love this book.

About The Author:

Rachael Featherstone was born and raised in Woodford. Her path to writing was a little unorthodox. After reading Mathematics at Oxford University, New College, Rachael went to work in research. When Rachael’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, Rachael decided to take a chance, quit her job, and fulfil a life time ambition to write a novel. She went back to university and completed a Masters in English Literature and had several short stories published. Rachael now lives in Hampshire with her husband, Tim and baby daughter, Elodie.

#BlogTour: Evil Things by Katja Ivar @KatjaIvar @bitterlemonpub @annecater #EvilThings #RandomThingsTours

Book Synopsis:

Hella Mauzer was the first ever woman Inspector in the Helsinki Homicide Unit. But her superiors deemed her too ‘emotional’ for the job and had her reassigned. Now, two years later, she is working in Lapland for the Ivalo police department under Chief Inspector Järvi, a man more interested in criminal statistics and his social life than police work. They receive a letter from Irja Waltari, a priest’s wife from the village of Käärmela on the Soviet border, informing them of the disappearance of Erno Jokinen, a local. Hella jumps at the chance to investigate. Järvi does not think that a crime is involved. After all, people disappear all the time in the snows of Finland. When she arrives, Hella stays the village priest and his wife, who have taken in Erno’s grandson who refuses to tell anyone his grandfather’s secret. A body is then discovered in the forest and she realizes that she was right; a crime has been committed. A murder. But what Hella doesn’t know, is that the small village of Käärmela is harbouring another crime, a crime so evil, it is beyond anything any of them could have ever imagined.

Evil Things is available in ebook now and in paperback on the 11th January 2019. You can purchase or pre-order your copy using the link below.

My Review:

Evil Things is a gripping start to a promising new crime series which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Firstly the setting of this book is brilliant with the cold Finnish setting helping to add to the chilling story. The descriptions of the cold, snowy weather actually made me shiver and I found myself reaching for a blanket to cosy up with. I enjoyed learning more about Finnish weather, the language and some of the unique ways they cope with the long winters. I’ve not read many books about the disagreements between Finland and Russia so I found it very interesting to read more. The cold war always adds an interesting angle to the story too as it naturally adds mystery and intrigue.

I loved the main character Hella who manages to hold her own spectacularly again some very sexist opinions. Her intelligence and determination shines off the page as she uses both to try and solve the murder. She is very stubborn and there were times when she even frustrated me with how stubborn she was! However she is able to use this to her advantage and it is an important factor in her solving the case.

The murder investigation is quite fast paced with lots of atmosphere as the reader tries to work out what has happened. The setting of the woods helped add to this as I was never sure what was lurking there. There were lots of twists that kept me on my toes and ensured I kept reading as I was desperate to find out what would happen. I don’t want to give anything away but I was blown away with the reveal as I had never read anything else like it. It took me completely by surprise which I always love!

Think is the first book in a planned three book series and I really look forward to reading more from this talented author. If you like atmosphere, gripping thrillers with an fantastic twist then you’ll love this book.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater and Bitter Lemon Press for my copy of this book and for inviting me onto the blog tour.

About The Author:

Katja Ivar was born in Moscow and spent her teenage years in Dallas, Texas. She holds a BA in Linguistics and a Masters in Contemporary History from the Sorbonne University; she lives in Paris with her husband and three children. This is her first novel and is planned to be the beginning of a three book series.

#BlogTour: A River In The Trees by Jacqueline O’Mahony @jacomahony @AnaBooks @QuercusBooks #ARiverInTheTrees

Book Synopsis:

Two women. 
Two stories. 
One hundred years of secrets.

A sweeping novel of love, loss, family and history for readers who love Maggie O’Farrell, John Boyne and Donal Ryan


Ireland is about to be torn apart by the War of Independence.

Hannah O’Donovan helps her father hide rebel soldiers in the attic, putting her family in great danger from the British soldiers who roam the countryside. An immediate connection between Hannah and O’Riada, the leader of this hidden band of rebels, will change her life and that of her family forever . . .


Ellen is at a crossroads: her marriage is in trouble, her career is over and she’s grieving the loss of a baby. After years in London, she decides to come home to Ireland to face the things she’s tried so hard to escape. Reaching into the past, she feels a connection to her ancestor, the mysterious Hannah O’Donovan. But why won’t anyone in her family talk about Hannah? And how can this journey help Ellen put her life back together?

A River In The Trees is available in ebook and paperback from today! Purchase your copy via the link below.

My Review:

This is the type of book that I absolutely love! A dual timeline story seeped in interesting history and some fabulous characters makes it a perfect read for me.

The story follows Hannah in 1919 who helps her father fight for Irish independence and Ellen in 2019 who is struggling with life and wants to try and work through her problems by visiting her ancestry. Although both stories were interesting I did prefer Hannah’s story as she was the fiesty, independent character that I love to read about. Her guts and determination to fight for her family’s beliefs was wonderful to read about. I was completely on her side and really wanted there to be a good outcome for her and her family. That’s not to say Ellen’s story wasn’t interesting I just found it a little slower paced than Hannah’s and I didn’t take to her as a character straight away, finding her a little depressing. However I did warm to her as the story continued and it was very interesting to see her investigation into her past develop.

The author has a fabulous way of setting the scene for this book so that the reader can really picture it in their minds eye. The wonderfully vivid pictures of the Irish countryside along with the Irish language really helped to bring the setting to life for me. I sadly don’t know much about The War of Independence so I found the historical details very fascinating. The courage and bravery of the Irish people was wonderful to read about making what happens all the more poignant.

The story is quite fast paced and very absorbing. I found myself staying up to read a few more chapters of the book fully emersed in what was happening. The author shows great skill in weaving a fabulous story of war, bravery and ultimately betrayal which takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s a story I felt very sad to have finished.

This is the first book by this author I have read and I really look forward to reading more from her in the future. If you like gripping, dual timeline historical fiction then you’ll love this book.

Huge thanks to Quercus for my copy of this book via Netgalley and to Ana from Quercus for inviting me onto the blog tour.

About The Author:

Jacqueline O’Mahony is from, Cork, Ireland. She did her BA in Ireland, her MA at the University of Bologna, and her PhD in History as a Fulbright Scholar at Duke University, and at Boston College. She has worked as a writer, editor and stylist at TatlerVogue and the Irish Independent.
She lives in Notting Hill with her husband and three young children.

#BookReview: The Binding by Bridget Collins @Br1dgetCollins @BoroughPress #TheBinding

Book Synopsis:

Imagine you could erase your grief.
Imagine you could forget your pain.
Imagine you could hide a secret.

Emmett Farmer is working in the fields when a letter arrives summoning him to begin an apprenticeship. He will work for a Bookbinder, a vocation that arouses fear, superstition and prejudice – but one neither he nor his parents can afford to refuse.

He will learn to hand-craft beautiful volumes, and within each he will capture something unique and extraordinary: a memory. If there’s something you want to forget, he can help. If there’s something you need to erase, he can assist. Your past will be stored safely in a book and you will never remember your secret, however terrible.

In a vault under his mentor’s workshop, row upon row of books – and memories – are meticulously stored and recorded.

Then one day Emmett makes an astonishing discovery: one of them has his name on it.

THE BINDING is an unforgettable, magical novel: a boundary-defying love story and a unique literary event.

The Binding is available now in ebook and in paperback on the 10th January 2019. You can purchase or pre-order your copy through the link below.


My Review:

The Binding is a dark, intriguing novel that will stay with you weeks after you’ve finished reading. I’ve waited a few days to review it so I could properly get my head around what I wanted to say.

The setting of the book is an historical one which seems very similar to our own world. There is mention of the crusades, the workhouse and the old rigid class system that used to be present in the UK. This made the book a little more atmospheric and chilling for me as the events that happen in the book seem more realistic.

The book is split into three parts and goes back and forwards in time to allow the reader to fully understand the mystery surrounding the main character Emmett. All of the characters are fabulous creations and very varied which makes for very interesting reading. There is a real sense of good v bad in the book with most of the characters falling into one of the two categories. The events that happened in the book meant that I didn’t warm to many of them apart from Emmett who I felt drawn to straight away. He seemed like such a lost, gentle character that I just wanted to reach into the book to give him a huge hug! I wanted to keep reading to check that he was ok.

The concept of the book is very clever and I did love the idea that you could erase a person’s pain. However this is sadly misused throughout the book by a few of the characters which led to some truly heartbreaking scenes that I found quite hard to read at times. I had to put the book down for a little bit and return when I felt strong enough to continue. I think this is a sign of some fantastic writing if an author can make you feel that strongly about something however some readers may struggle with it as this is definitely not a happy book. There is also a scene describing animal cruelty that I couldn’t read and had to skip over as it was quite easy to anticipated.

This is the author’s debut novel and I’d be interested to see what she writes next as she’s obvious got an amazing imagination, though I do hope the next one is a little happier!

Huge thanks to Borough Press for my copy of this book via Netgalley. If you like intriguing, emotional historical fiction then you’ll love this book.

About The Author:

Bridget Collins trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art after reading English at King’s College, Cambridge. She is the author of seven acclaimed books for young adults and has had two plays produced, one at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. THE BINDING is her first adult novel.

#BlogTour: Mary Kate by Nadine Dorries @HoZ_Books @annecater #MaryKate #NadineDorries #RandomThingsTours #Saga

Book Synopsis:

Liverpool, 1963.

Mary Kate Malone is seventeen and bitterly unhappy that her father has married again after the death of her mother. On her last day at school, she decides to leave home in Tarabeg on the west coast of Ireland and head for Liverpool to find her mother’s sister.

But absolutely nothing goes to plan. Within hours of disembarking, she finds herself penniless and alone, with no place to stay and no idea how she will survive.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland, where old sins cast long shadows, a long-buried secret is about to come to light and a day of reckoning, in the shape of a stranger from America, will set an unstoppable chain of events in motion.

Mary Kate is published in paperback and ebook in the 10th January 2019. Purchase your copy via the link below.


My Review:

Mary Kate was an interesting, heart warming read that grabbed my interest from the first page.

The author does a great job of setting the scene and I felt that I could picture both the Liverpool and Irish settings in my mind’s eye. The author grew up in Liverpool and her love for a city is evident throughout the book. It’s definitely made me want to revisit the city myself.

The story is told from multiple points of view which means the reader gets more of an holistic view of what’s going on and makes for very interested reading. My favourite story line was Mary Kate though as I felt most connected to her and therefore quite invested in her story. She is a typical teenager in many ways and at times I wanted to scream at her as I felt she was making the wrong choice. Some of the other characters in the book, especially her dad and Joe I wished were featured more, though maybe they will be in future books in the series.

Overall I found this to be a well paced, absorbing read that is perfect for coseying up with on cold nights. It is part of a series but I think it could easily be read as a standalone, as I did.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Head of Zeus for my copy of the book.

About The Author:

I feel blessed to have been born and raised in Liverpool. A vibrant, creative city that faces out across the Atlantic, to Ireland and America. 

As I grew up, I thought everyone had a childhood like mine. Only in later years, did I realise what a unique experience my childhood had been, in so many ways. 

My Irish grandmother, Nellie Deane, would whisk me off to her rural village on the west coast of Ireland and immerse me in the smell of raw peat and Holy Smoke. She often forgot to bring me back home. This meant that I occasionally had to be popped into the local village school, to pacify my fretting parent’s back in Liverpool. An experience I shall never forget. 

I trained as a nurse, established and sold my own business and became an MP before I turned my hand to writing as a way to escape from the stress of the long and frenetic hours I worked, never thinking that anyone would want to read what I wrote.

If Nellie was looking down on me, she would say that I had the the luck of the Irish running through my veins. 

My books are based on the streets of Liverpool, or in the Liverpool hospitals where I worked, or at one of my favourite places in the world, the west coast of Ireland. 

I write sagas and create communities, often linking one to the other. If you buy one of my books, I really do hope it brings you hours of pleasure. 

With love,


#BlogTour: A Year In Castle Court by Holly Hepburn @HollyH_Author @harriett_col @simonschusterUK #AYearInCastleCourt

Book Synopsis:

Sadie is a single mum, nursing a broken heart. Her best friend from childhood, Cat, is burned out from working long hours as a chef in Paris. In need of a change, they decide to invest in their dream – running their own handmade biscuit shop in gorgeous Castle Court, a three-storey food court tucked away behind Chester’s bustling streets.

They soon discover that Castle Court has its own community – a little haven of delight against the stresses of the outside world. But not everyone welcomes the new business; the patisserie owner is less than pleased by what she sees as direct competition and Greg, who runs the fancy bistro that dominates one end of the courtyard, doesn’t think Sadie and Cat have the talent or business acumen to succeed. Luckily, there’s support in the form of the delectable Jaren, who owns the Dutch waffle house opposite Smart Cookies, and Swiss chocolate-shop owner, Elin. And if all else fails, the friends can drown their sorrows in Seb‘s cocktail bar on the third floor!

A Year At Castle Court is available now in ebook and paperback. You can purchase your copy now using the link below.

My Review:

I’ve always had a secret desire to open a shop so I absolutely loved this fun novel. The author does a great job of setting the scene for the novel with wonderful descriptions of their fantastic sounding bakery. I enjoyed reading about their wonderful biscuits, the descriptions of which had my mouth watering as they sounded truly delicious! If it hadn’t been Sunday I’d have been rushing to the nearest bakery to grab something to eat whilst reading.

I really liked the two main characters Cat and Sadie. They were wonderfully written, strong characters who I couldn’t help but admire with their strength and determination to make their business a success. The two women are quite different to each other but obviously care for each other quite a lot. It was great to see how they supported each other with all the ups and downs starting their new business throws at them. The other secondary characters helped make the book for me and really made the setting of Castle Court come to life. They were all so varied and well developed helping to give Castle Court a family feel as they all seemed to look out for each other.

The romance part of the book was well done with two very different men vying for the girls attention so there was something for everyone. I have to admit I did prefer Adam and was hoping that Sadie and him would work out. I felt the romance was quite realistic as it didn’t always run smoothly and there were various problems to sort out.

This is the first book by Holly Hepburn I have read and I really look forward to reading more from her in the future. If you like fun, absorbing novels that allow you to escape into another world then you’ll love this book.

Huge thanks to Harriet Collins from Simon and Schuster for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Holly Hepburn has wanted to write books for as long she can remember but she was too scared to try. One day she decided to be brave and dipped a toe into the bubble bath of romantic fiction with her first novella, Cupidity, and she’s never looked back. She often tries to be funny to be funny, except for when faced with traffic wardens and border control staff. Her favourite things are making people smile and Aidan Turner.

She’s tried many jobs over the years, from barmaid to market researcher and she even had a brief flirtation with modelling. These days she is mostly found writing.

She lives near London with her grey tabby cat, Portia. They both have an unhealthy obsession with Marmite.

#BlogTour: Lost Lives by Lisa Cutts @LisaCuttsAuthor @BeckyMcCarthy_ @simonschusterUK #5Stars #MustRead

I’m so excited to be kicking off the blog tour for this fantastic book today. To say I was blown away by it is a huge understatement and I really recommend it!

Lost Lives is available in ebook now and in paperback on the 10th January 2019. You can purchase or pre-order your copy in the link below.


Before I share my review with you here is a little bit about the book.

Book Synopsis:


When Anna arrives in the UK, she believes it’s the start of a better life for her and her daughter. But what awaits her is more shocking than anything she could have ever imagined . . .


DI Harry Powell is investigating a shooting, but the victim has been scared into silence. As Harry struggles to piece together what little information he has, he stumbles upon an operation that may put countless lives across the country at risk.


As Anna’s situation grows more dangerous by the day, Harry is forced to push his overstretched team to the limits to find answers. But for one of them, will it already be too late?

My Review:

Wow I so enjoyed this book! It’s been a long time since I’ve raced through a book quite so quickly, heart in mouth as I followed all the action on the page.

This is a raw, haunting and quite emotional crime thriller which I wasn’t expecting. The story follows Anna as she journeys to the UK to start a new life but ends up leading a truly harrowing existence when it turns out she has fallen victim of human trafficking. The descriptions of the horrendous working and living conditions that she and her fellow workers have to deal with are incredibly gut wrenching and poignant to read about. The author doesn’t spare the readers feelings and some of the horrendous health conditions the workers now face (maggots on the balls being on that really stands out) were very stomach churning to read about.

The book is told from different points of view which I felt really added to the story as it made me realise that even Anna’s tormentors where trapped too and how far above their heads the operation ran. I even felt a tiny bit sorry for Alexa the Controller at one point, even if she is an awful women, as I realized she didn’t have much choice in her actions too.

What really stands out for me about this story and means that it will stick with me for a long time is that the events in the book are probably true. The author is an ex police officer and the thought of such things happening in the UK has really affected me. In the press release I received she says she’s always careful which car washes she uses and where she gets her chickens from. I too will be careful now!

The police investigation into the human trafficking was quite skillfully done as it was well paced and seemed very realistic. I loved the descriptions of the team and their relationships with each other was lovely to read about. I felt that I got to know them all quite personally throughout the book and found myself wishing I could work with them too.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’ll definitely be reading more as Lost Lives is one of the best crime thrillers I’ve read.

Huge thanks to Becky from Simon & Schuster for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book. If you like fast paced, gripping and emotional crime thrillers you’ll love this book. A must read!

About The Author:

Lisa Cutts is the author of two police procedural novels, based on her nineteen years of policing experience. She works as a detective constable for Kent Police and has spent ten years in the Serious Crime Directorate dealing mostly with murders and other serious investigations. She has been on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book with Mariella Frostrup, part of First Fictions festival at West Dean college, Chichester, on the inaugural panel at Brighton’s Dark and Stormy festival and the Chiswick Book Festival 2015. Her debut novel, Never Forget, won the 2014 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for best thriller.

#BlogTour: Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon @JaneFallon @JennyPlatt90 @MichaelJBooks #TellMeASecret

Book Synopsis:

Best friends Holly and Roz tell each other everything.

So when Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes Roz will be waiting to pop the champagne.

But is she just imagining things or is Roz not quite as happy as she should be?

And now she thinks about it, a few things don’t quite add up…

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to tango, 
But only one to start a war… 

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of Jane Fallon’s books so I was very excited to be asked to be part of the blog tour for her latest book, keeping it to read over Christmas when I’d have time to fully enjoy it.

In Tell Me A Secret the author has once again created a wonderful escapist novel about female friendship and the problems they can cause. I liked that the book was set in the work place as I thought that provided lots of opportunities for jealousy and sabotage. Throughout the book the author skillfully weaves a fantastic story full of intrigue with lots of twists and turns that’s keeps the reader guessing. I think I suspected everyone of sabotaging Holly at times which always makes the read more enjoyable.

This book is different from the author’s other books as there is no romance in it and the rivalry isn’t over a man for once. Instead the focus is purely on female friendships and the different forms they can take. The problems in the book are ones that I’m sure most readers would recognise and is quite comforting to read about as it makes you realise how common they are. There is also that naughty sense of being able to watch all the action unfold without being judged! I’m sure we all enjoy a bit of drama at times.

My only slight problem with this book was that I didn’t warm to the main character Holly. I found her to be a little annoying at times and I found myself feeling sympathy for the person sabotaging her as I think she’d be quite difficult to work with. This wasn’t necessary a bad thing though as I think it made me more open minded as I wasn’t on one person’s side, so was able to just be an observer.

I’ve read most of Jane Fallon’s books and she is one of my go to author’s for reads that are gripping and full of escapism. I’m always excited when she has a new book out so can’t wait to read more from her.

Huge thanks to Jenny Platt at Michael St Joseph for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book. If you like gripping reads about female friendships that you can lose yourself in then you’ll love this book.

About The Author:

Jane Fallon is the multi-award-winning television producer behind shows such as This Life, Teachers and 20 Things to Do before You’re 30. Her debut novel “Getting Rid of Matthew’ was published in 2007 and became a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller as have her subsequent books ‘Got You Back’, ‘Foursome’, ‘The Ugly Sister’, ‘Skeletons’, ‘Strictly Between Us’ and ‘My Sweet Revenge”
Her 8th novel Faking Friends is available now to pre order in both paperback and for Kindle.
Join Jane on Twitter – @janefallon or at her website http://www.janefallon.co.uk

#BlogTour: She Was The Quiet One by Michelle Campbell @MCampbellBooks @HQstories @joe_thomas25 #SheWasTheQuietOne

Book Synopsis:

Because murderers are never who you expect…

She was the quiet one… but is she guilty?

For twin sisters Rose and Bel, enrolling at the prestigious new boarding school should have been a fresh start. But with its sinister rituals and traditions, Odell soon brings out a deadly rivalry between the sisters.

For Sarah and husband Heath, the chance to teach at Odell seems like the best thing that ever happened to their small family – a chance to rise through the ranks and put the past behind them.

Until one dark night ends in murder.

But who’s guilty and who’s telling the truth? And who’s been in on it all along..?

My Review:

Having been to a boarding school myself mysteries set in school settings have always intrigued me. I think it’s the sense of reliving some of the experience and the familiarity with some of the pupils that makes it so interesting.

The author does a great job with the characters in this book as whilst they are fairly stereotypical I felt they were well developed and I enjoyed learning more about them. The twins are very different to one another and it was interesting to see their different friends and experiences at school. I’ve seen a couple of reviewers describe one group as similar to those in the film ‘mean girls’ which I would say was accurate. Some of their activities, particularly those describing hazing of other students, were quite uncomfortable to read about and I often flipped past them.

The mystery of who has died was very well done and I liked the suspense and gradual revealing of this. The reader is aware that one twin has been held for this murder at the beginning of the book but not which one. This is gradually revealed through a series of flashbacks and police interviews which made for quite gripping reading. However I felt that once I discovered who had died it was quite obvious who had done it, though that is just my personal opinion and may be the result of reading lots of mysteries!

This is the second book by this author and I look forward to reading more from her in the future. If you like stories about teenage cliques or murder mysteries set in schools then you’ll love this book.

Huge thanks to HQ Stories for my copy of this book via Netgalley and to Joe Thomas for inviting me onto the blog tour.

About The Author:

Michele Campbell is a graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Law School. She worked at a prestigious Manhattan law firm before spending eight years fighting crime in NYC as a federal prosecutor. Her debut novel It’s Always The Husband was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.